Love Island: Joey Essex warned against Samantha as she shows red flags: 'He’s just scared of her'

Love Island fans are worried for Joey Essex as they notice Samantha getting obsessed with him. Here’s what’s happening!

Love Island Samantha Kenny obsessed Joey Essex fan behaviour
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Love Island Samantha Kenny obsessed Joey Essex fan behaviour

Love Island series 11 is getting chaotic day by day. Amidst all the love triangles in the villa currently, Jess, Ronnie and Harriett are transcending faster than others. Elsewhere, Ayo, fan favourite Mimii and bombshell Uma are struggling to find a stance on their triangle.

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However, fans have moved on from the triangle drama for a while after seeing Samantha Kenny’s obsessive behaviour with Joey Essex on the show.

Love Island’s Samantha Kenny obsessed with Joey Essex

When Joey Essex entered as the first-ever celeb bombshell on the show, he confessed he wanted to find love away from his public image. He chose to couple up with Samantha Kenny just after his first day. The two appeared to be going well in the villa, but in the recent turn of events Joey is dawning on the realisation that Samantha may be with him because he’s Joey Essex.

During last night’s episode (June 10) the two admitted they were unsure about their connection. This comes as Samantha probed Joey about his ‘celeb life’ outside the villa and that left him feeling uncomfortable. The duo clashed when Joey said he didn’t want to be someone who only wanted to be with him because he was famous. Samantha pulled him aside and told him:

I’m not being funny or nothing but you are Joey Essex so I know what girls are like, do you know what I mean.
They’re going to go ‘oh Joey Essex is in there so they’re going to be like, right, let’s get on Joey Essex.

Seeing how Samantha got ‘obsessive’ over Joey and also seeing Joey’s discomfort, many fans warned the TOWIE star. They took to X (formerly Twitter) and wrote:

Samantha is obsessedddddd with the fact that Joey is famous.
Samantha trying to warn Joey about gold diggers while she is the gold digger he should be worried about.
Samantha you're literally proving ur point and that’s why your being obsessive cause his Joey Essex.

A fourth concluded:

I’ve just clocked joey doesn’t like Samantha, he’s just scared of her.

Is Joey Essex a producer-plant?

This comes after fans accused Joey Essex of being a producer’s plant. The bombshell has ended up stirring things between couples/love triangles in the villa, causing them to have it out with each other.

Joey recently told Harriett to go after what she wants as she landed a place for herself between Ronnie and Jess’ connection. This resulted in Ronnie kissing Harriett in the hideaway, which further proved the fans’ point. They shared:

I swear Joey is working with the producers cuz the way he stirs s**t up like damn

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Love Island's Joey Essex accused of using his past reality TV antics to cause chaos: 'He knows' Love Island's Joey Essex accused of using his past reality TV antics to cause chaos: 'He knows'