Love Island series 10 contestants star signs and compatibility revealed

Love is written in the stars irrespective of where it is found at work or on an Island. Here’s the list of current Summer Love Island 2023 series 10 couples and their compatibility based on their star signs.

Love Island series 10 contestants star signs and compatibility revealed
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Love Island series 10 contestants star signs and compatibility revealed

Summer Love Island 2023 has barely survived Casa Amor and is preparing for Movie Night drama now. Islanders are halfway through their journey of finding love and in all honestly, barely any couples have what it takes to win the show. Casa Amor has given has 7 new couples and four single Islanders. Here’s the compatibility of the new couples!

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Catherine and Elom

Catherine’s star sign is Cancer and Elom is a Pisces. Both of them are water signs and have high running emotions. According to Wikihow, the two signs together make a great couple and are highly compatible. They are instantly attracted to each other physically and share a great emotional connection as well. Cancer and Pisces together are an all-round excellent match.

Amber and Sammy

Sammy is a Taurus and Amber is a Sagittarius. The two signs are completely opposite and have a great attraction level. However, the attraction between them will be confusing. They would often wonder what attracts them towards each other. While Taurus craves stability, a Sagittarius may fail to provide it, notes WikiHow. They may also be emotionally out of sync.

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Molly and Zachariah

Molly is a Virgo and Zachariah is a Gemini - a not-so-smooth-running couple. The two signs have instant sparks flying between them but it takes a little effort to make things work long-term. Usually, both of them are looking for different things in a relationship - a Virgo wants stability and commitment but Geminis find it hard to settle down and always keep moving.

Leah and Montel

Leah is an Aquarius and Montel is a Capricorn, as per the Twitter account Reality Star Signs. The two signs have entirely different personalities but can make things work if they try as communication comes easily to them. However, the two aren’t the most ‘emotionally intuitive’ signs.

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Abi and Mitchel

Abi is an Aries and Mitchel is a Virgo - not an easy match at all and traditionally not seen as ‘compatible.’ An Aries will likely make the first move (like we saw with Abi) and Virgos may or may not like it. Aries are free-spirited and impulsive while Virgos are perfectionists who love to plan everything. They may also struggle to be compatible in bed.

Ella and Ouzy

Ella is a Taurus and Ouzy is a Virgo - a great match together. Both of them are earth signs who love old-fashion values and are loyal and dependable. Both of them seek stable relationships and form strong emotional and sexual connection with each other. Their shared values make them one of the best pairs in the zodiac together.

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Whitney and Lochan

Whitney is a Scorpio and she owns it like one! Scorpios are passionate, mysterious and often the most charismatic people in the room. They are dynamic and iconic and stand out from the rest. They are emotional creatures who like to wear their heart on their sleeves and also tough it out a little. Lochan’s star sign is birthday is yet unknown but Scorpios usually feel at home with their fellow water signs Cancer, Pisces or Capricorn and Virgo. Let’s hope Lochan falls under one of these star signs!

Single Islanders

Kady and Jess are Virgos, Tyrique is an Aries and Scott is a Capricorn. Traditionally, Virgos and Capricorns are a power couple who can conquer anything together with an instant spark and attraction towards each other. Looks like Scott and Kady might happen once again.

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