Love Island: Will Ella and Ty get back or is it a new chapter for Ella?

Love Island's Casa Amor has left the villa with a messy love triangle. Will Ella and Ty get back together or will Ella move on with Ouzy? Will Ty take her back or Will Ouzy realise he's just a backup? Let's find out!

Love Island: Will Ella and Ty get back or is it a new chapter for Ella?
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Love Island: Will Ella and Ty get back or is it a new chapter for Ella?

Our Summer essential is back! ITV2 and ITVX aired Summer Love Island’s 32nd episode tonight and 10 sexy singletons embarked on an eventful journey of love. Show host Maya Jama has entered the villa twice with unexpected twists in this series and viewers are loving how messy this series is.

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A lot has happened in the villa in the last 4 weeks from Molly Marsh's brutal dumping to her return during Casa Amor, the messy Casa Amor recoupling that dumped six Islanders, made one storm off the set and left 4 of the OG Islanders single.

Summer Love Island Ella and Tyrique

One of the most impacted couples after Casa Amor is Ella and Tyrique. When Ella brought back Ouzy to the main villa, it hurt Ty's ego more than anything. The 25-year-old footballer who claims he has never had a girlfriend spoke about making someone his girlfriend for the first time on national TV only to ultimately get pied. The man's hurt and in his words so is his 'pride and ego.'

Meanwhile, Ella's head is all over the place. She had a good thing going on with Ouzy in Casa but ever since coming back to the main villa, Ella has ignored the man for good. She wanted to end things with him to go back to Tyrique before giving him a chance after listening to Jess. However, anyone who sees her knows that she's more inclined towards Tyrique and would get back to wanting him and only him soon.

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Summer Love Island's Ouzy in an unnecessary triangle

Considering how Ella and Tyrqiue have been reacting and how the Scottish model is more inclined towards Tyrique - it seems like Ouzy is being dragged into an unnecessary triangle. He was seen speaking to the boys where he admitted he never realized Ella and Tyrique had such a great bond.

The man, totally, feels out of place in a villa where the girl who brought him back barely chats with him and sleeps on the daybed.

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Will Tyrique and Ella get back or will she move on to Ouzy?

The question is as tricky as it gets because even Ella doesn't know the answer. Her two options are a toxic relationship with a man full of red flags and a possibility of some connection with a man who she's pushing away by the minute acting the way she is.

Tyrique, on the other hand, is back to his old ways. Taking the term 'single' too seriously and in a literal sense he's moving mad in the villa and flirting with Kady. While Kady realises Tyrique has strong feelings for Ella and clearly opted herself out of a triangle, she's still flirting with him because she's single herself.

If Twitter opinions and fan reactions are anything to go by, many of them want Ella to stick to Ouzy as he's a better choice but all of them are convinced Ty and Ella are going to be back together in less than a week. Shaq - who was on Winter Love Island 2023 - dealt with a similar situation during his time on the show. His current partner Tanya brought back Martin from Casa only to recouple with Shaq again. Seeing how Ella and Tyrique are moving in the villa, Shaq commented on the Instagram post 'We know how this story ends' hinting that the two will be back again soon.

Only if things were that simple!

Tomorrow night's (July 7) preview showed Kady and Ty flirting and Ella getting mad over it. Tyrique being Tyrique rubbed it in her face that he's single and can do whatever he wants - which could push away Ella a little towards Ouzy. But will Ouzy, who's slowly realising he's just a backup at this point, take her back or get to know someone else in the villa? Like Leah said 'Only time will tell!'

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