Love Island series 2 cast: Are the couples still together and what are they doing now?

From happy relationships, to nasty splits, here's the current relationship status of Love Island season 2 cast members.

Love Island: What are the contestants of season 2 doing now?
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Love Island: What are the contestants of season 2 doing now?

Summer Love Island is just around the corner, with its first episode airing June 5! ITV has finally revealed the 10 contestants who will start the show off with a bang.

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All this talk about the new contestants has many thinking about what OG contestants have been up to recently, from the very first Islanders of series 1 to those who came after.

The Love Islandseason 2 cast has come a long way since the show aired back in 2016, when everything was fun at that age. Every contestant that entered the Love Island villa really tried their shot at love and a relationship, as we saw day after day. Through the course of the series, many a couple got formed, and many cast members got dumped. Despite everything that took place at the villa, with each episode unfurling tales of romance and disappointment, just a few couples remained in the end. With time and age, every girl from season 2, has blossomed into a woman, and everything such as what they want from their lives had changed.

If you're a Love Island fan who would like to know how the relationship of the season 2 cast members is going, you're not alone. Be it Kady, Tom, Cara, or Olivia, despite everyone entering the villa as single, almost everyone went home as a pair. But somewhere along the line, with time and new romances brewing, some people got dumped, while some chose to stay friends. Here's a look at the life of the ITV Love Island cast and how what their life and relationship status post-Love Island looks like.

Nathan and Cara

Being the 'it couple' of the ITV series, Nathan and Cara found did find their way into fans' hearts through their romance, and their romance continues to age like fine wine. Year after year, the duo has been working on their equation, and today, a marriage and two kids later, time is in their favor, as they still want to be together.

Being the winning couple in the series, they are not only doing well personally but enjoy great careers post-Love Island. They are said to be having fun together as a couple as per what they post on Instagram.

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Kady and Scott

Kady and Scott were a talked about couple during the second season of the ITV series and were said to be happy after the show, till they weren't. Their dating life plummeted when the couple announced their split and people could just not understand why.

Kady currently does her job as a social media influencer really well as seen on Instagram, and Scott really found his calling as a presenter. Needless to say, Kady seems like she is having fun outside the villa as well, as a model who travels from city to city for work.

Alex and Olivia

Being one of the most popular couples in Love Island history, Alex and Olivia are said to be going strong in their relationship. The pair that did start out with dating other people in the villa soon found their place in each other's lives and fans think highly of them. They are married and have a child together and seem to love growing old together as per what they share on Instagram. Their new life as a family appears to be going just good, and their admirers think this is for the long run.

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Tom and Sophie

Tom and Sophie just seemed like a good couple in the beginning. And fans were excited to watch them grow old together, but after a messy split, they are both single. After their awkward episode with the media, they ended up dating other people, but there is no solid news on where Tom or Sophie stand in their personal lives today. Tom is currently a fitness coach and is said to like his job, which gives people a new meaning to their lives. Sophie is a girl who has been a little off the radar since her Love Island stint.

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Katie and Adam

Katie and Adam came fourth in the ITV series finale and haven't seemed to be on the same page since day one. Adam and Katie were going well as a pair, but they, unfortunately, broke up after Love Island. Katie is a new single mom and seems to be enjoying her career as a model and influencer. Adam, on the other hand, is a professional pro wrestler and is enjoying his new career. They don't seem to want to be friends and are pursuing separate lives.

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Love Island cast: Couples that were together in series 5 and what they're doing now Love Island cast: Couples that were together in series 5 and what they're doing now