Maya Jama's salary for Love Island: Does she really earn £600K as a host?

Rumours are rife that Love Island hosts earn a whopping six-figure salary on the show. Are they true?

Here's a look at Maya Jama's salary for hosting Love Island VS the previous hosts
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Here's a look at Maya Jama's salary for hosting Love Island VS the previous hosts

Maya Jama needs no introduction, especially to ITV Love Island fans. The former islander turned host of the popular reality dating show has just seen so much success over the years. Maya Jama is currently the host of the new 2023 Summer Love Islandseries, and fans are thrilled to see her on the ITV channel again.

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Night after night, Maya Jama sets the tone for a great new season of excitement, drama, and love in the villa. It is said that she is set to grow her career with more hosting gigs that look like it is in the prospect for her. And fans know this to be true, as it shows in Maya's confidence.

Maya's thriving career after Love Island

With each year of the show, many a star is born out of it, and there is also the downfall of various reality stars. And eventually, as the show reveals, many contestants end up either building a family, like Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury, or a fruitful career much like Jama's. Her face is plastered all over the internet now, with new Instagram posts, many an advertisement, and her presence in star-studded events with every year.

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Making news recently on the internet, particularly on various Instagram posts, was Maya Jama's current salary for the ITV show. Love Island, which was previously hosted by other famous people, namely Laura Whitmore and Caroline Flack, has seen a significant hike in how much the presenter or host is paid, every year.

Maya Jama has never publically disclosed her salary for Love Island, and nor has Laura Whitmore for that matter. But there are a lot of rumours on what they could be earning on the show. Let's see what the internet is saying about their salary.

Laura Whitmore's reported salary was £750 per second

Laura Whitmore's final salary for Love Island in the previous season was revealed to be £600,000 as the show’s host by several media. The funny thing is, she is said to have appeared for just 14 minutes of the show. And this small amount of time has resulted in Laura reportedly earning a final salary of £750 per second. This news left fans shocked as this is a huge amount to earn in such a small amount of time.

However, Laura Whitmore did slam the reports of her salary saying:

£744 a second! I feel sorry for whoever was made attempt the ridiculous maths based on nothing but speculation [sic]."

Laura Whitmore's earnings have never been officially confirmed and now that she's no longer hosting the show, the same questions are being asked about that of Maya Jama's salary.

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Maya Jama's alleged salary is £600,000

Based of what Laura Whitmore has reportedly earned for Love Island, Maya Jama could also be receiving the same salary. Dailystar reports that if the rumours are true, she could be raking in a £600,000 for doing Love Island.

£600,000 is a massive amount considering how much screen time the hosts get on the show. In the Winter Love Island series, Maya Jama got less than 20 minutes of screen time in the first four episodes of the show. Laura Whitmore reportedly had 13 minutes of screen time for the same amount of episodes.

It's certainly way more than what the Islanders get paid for being watched 24x7. However, no hosts have ever publicly declared how much they earn as a host on Love Island.

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The future of hosting

Maya's personal fame shares the spotlight with Love Island, as it was the real reason she was left with this kind of fan following. And rumor says that she isn't the final person to see this kind of fandom. Fans are predicting a similar future for Olivia Hawkins, who looks like she is set on a parallel path.

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Love Island's Maya Jama is a fan-favourite host, but here's who presented the show before her Love Island's Maya Jama is a fan-favourite host, but here's who presented the show before her