Winter Love Island contestants' salaries have been revealed, here's who earned the most

Winter Love Island contestants reportedly made a decent living for themselves before venturing on their journey to find love. Here’s who earned the most!

Winter Love Island: Here’s the Islanders' net worth before the show
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Winter Love Island: Here’s the Islanders' net worth before the show

Despite being a series that isn’t ‘Love Island-ing’ like others, the stars of this edition are in for getting plenty of deals outside the villa. However, most of them don’t need the potential hundreds or thousands of pounds worth of brand deals as most of them were earning pretty well before the show.

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Zara Deniz Lackenby- Brown – the highest earner

According to Mirror, the model and property developer averaged £40,000 as a model per year and approximately £32,000 as a property developer. This rounds up her total income to around £72,000. Additionally, based on her social media profile the 25-year-old could make £100 and £180 per Instagram post.

Olivia Hawkins

Ring girl and body double Olivia Hawkins makes up for most of the drama on Love Island and made a dramatic amount outside the villa as well. According to estimations, as a ring girl Olivia could possibly earn around £40,000. If we add her roles in movies and music videos, her total adds up to a cool £67,000 per year.

Ron Hall

The financial advisor with a rich background and a lavishly stunning house could make up to £60,000 per year in his role as a senior advisor.

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Lana Jenkins

Being a celebrity make-up artist not only means working with celebrities, but also a lot of money. Based on the size of her projects and the payment plans, Lana could be earning around £39,000 per year or roughly £20 an hour.

Shaq Muhammad

The airport security official potentially earns around £29,000 a year. If predictions are anything to go by, he could easily win the show and bag some lucrative deals after his eventful journey of love on Winter Love Island.

Will Young

The TikTok sensation is understood to be making around £28,000 a year from his family's farm. And thanks to his immense social media following, Will Young could also make anywhere up to £10,000 per post on Instagram – depending on his engagement.

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