Ekin-Su's net worth and salary: How much the Love Island star earns today

From earning £16000, to being worth £1.6 million, here is a look at Love Island star Ekin-Su's successful career trajectory, her net worth, salary, and how much she earns today.

Ekin Su: How much does she earn today?
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Ekin Su: How much does she earn today?

Former ITV Love Island star Ekin-Su Culculoglu is one of the most successful people that the series has created besides Molly-Mae and Gemma Owen. And her success is growing every day with more brand deals, work opportunities, and her massive salary thanks to her celebrity status. The Love Island villa really opened the doors for Ekin-Su, by changing her life and making her net worth spike up with every passing day, and helping her become a million-dollar star in this day and age.

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Many stars come and go, but it looks like she is here to stay, and it says a lot about her hard work and determination. The reality star has given many influencers a run for their money, and even a form of death to their careers. Today, theLove Island winner is worth so much more than she was when she started her career journey with Love Island. Ekin-Su has a huge fan following on Instagram and in real life, which adds to her worth exponentially. Here's a look at theLove Island star's career, how much she earns, her net worth, and her salary as a celebrity.

How much Ekin-Su got from winning Love Island

Ekin-Su Culculoglu came into mainstream media through the ITV Love Island series, and there was no looking back. Being the winner of Love Island 2022 really helped her build her image, and get access to many work opportunities in the years to come, at such a young age. Ekin-Su, along with Davide is said to have earned  £50,000 for winning Love Island, thus making news. And the Love Island villa really set the tone for her career, by gaining her a massive fan following and enabling her to make six-figure earnings in just a few months.

How much Ekin-Su earns after Love Island

Right after the ITV series aired, Ekin-Su along with Davide was offered a new spin-off with Ekin-Su and Davide: Homecomings, based on her old Love Island journey. With her Love Island victory came the chance to headline the new season of Dancing On Ice. Post-Love Island she is said to have been offered £100,000 for simply accepting the work. And just like that, she gained so many fans and followers overnight, and within a year of Love Island, the reality star became a million-dollar image at such a young age. This information made news, as this kind of success is something even Gemma and Amber hadn't seen so quickly.

How much Ekin-Su earns from social media

Ekin-Su's scope to earn didn't stop there. After her time at the villa, she shot up to fame, with so many fans who adore her. She went on to sign many brand collaborations and became a social media influencer who landed many a brand deal. She is allegedly said to have signed a brand deal with Oh Polly for £1 million. The ITV star's image and celebrity status is said to grow in the coming years, as she is seen collaborating with different brands every other day on Instagram.

With over 3.2 million followers as her Instagram family, her capacity to earn is increasing by the day. Culculoglu reportedly charges up to £28k for an Instagram post, thus putting her celebrity status to good use. She has beaten Amber Gill and Gemma Owen in how much she charges per post on social media. But stars such as Molly-Mae and Maura Higgins still earn more than her.

Ekin-Su's net worth

Week after week, year after year, the reality star reportedly makes more money than before. She is allegedly worth £1.6 million, and her net worth has made news globally. This six-figure amount is said to grow in the coming years, as her Instagram family is growing as well. Her old rates of making £16000 per episode for soaps are long gone, proving that time and luck really help to make a career grow.

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