Molly-Mae Hague is the richest Love Island star: This is her net worth today

From a successful stint at Love Island, to a booming career right now, Molly-Mae's net worth will shock you.

Molly-Mae Hague: What is the Love Island star's net worth?
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Molly-Mae Hague: What is the Love Island star's net worth?

ITV's Love Island has created several stars who have made it big. The British dating show has been a hit year after year, with brand new stars making it huge. The series is said to have created many a public figure like Amber Gill, Olivia Hawkins, and Megan Hanson. Among all the famous celebrities that the Love Island villa has produced, Molly-Mae Hague is perhaps one of the most successful and popular. The million-dollar Love Island contestant has paved a new path for herself and is thriving, even after all these years.

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While on the Love Island villa, and off, she has built an empire with the fortune she has made, along with Tommy Fury. Molly-Mae is a big deal in the fashion industry, and her worth has just grown over the years. From being an Instagram star, influencer, and much more, she is said to be minting millions, both in followers and money. The series laid a solid foundation for her success as a model, influencer, and much more. Day after day, she signs on various brand deals that make news for escalating her million dollars. Here is Molly-Mae Hague’s asset worth that will just shock you.

Molly-Mae Hague’s life

Molly Mae started from the bottom, as the daughter of two police officers. Born to police parents, she is incredibly happy about her upbringing. Hague featured in the fifth season of the ITV Love Islandseries and has been a favorite ever since. Not only did her love grow, but her career and net worth shot up with her fame. Currently, Molly-Mae Hague and her love Tommy Fury are enjoying their life together and even just had a baby. With a new baby on the way to becoming a social media celebrity, what fans can expect to see from Tommy Fury and Molly is more success, with more home runs. The couple often post images on Instagram and other social media platforms for their fans from their home.

Molly-Mae’s booming profession

Molly-Mae Hague’s Instagram following alone is over the figure of 7.5 million, making her a social media star. Needless to say, she always gets a good branddeal in her pocket, as seen on Instagram. Being a fashion influencer, Molly-Mae is the creative director of PrettyLittleThing. With continuous brand collaborations and a booming YouTube channel, she is currently worth millions, and her money and net worth are just growing.

Time and again, she has made news for being so successful at such a young age, and she owes it to the ITV reality series, which gave her like a big push to get so many deals. Her career is considered a big deal, with many a million dollars on the line for the Love Island star.

Molly-Mae Hague's net worth

Her net value like her public image keeps going up every year. This time around, it has reached an extraordinary amount, thanks to her career in PrettyLittleThing and her growing number of social media fans. She is said to be the richest Love Island villa contestant beating Amber, Olivia, Megan, and everyone else who has turned on her.

At the age of 23, the reality series personality is said to possess £6 million in terms of net worth. As per Daily Star, she made £1.2m in profits at her company MMH Group Holdings, and £840,000 from her self-tanning brand Filter. And £3.2m in assets alone.

Molly-Mae has set an incredible example of what brand image will do to your list of followers. To add it up, being a part of a celebrity couple, along with Fury really helped the couple take off professionally.

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