Love Island All Stars: The chaos in the villa hints a major rule has been scrapped this year

Love Island All Stars contestants may be getting more drinks than usual, according to fans. Let’s find out what’s happening here!

Love Island All Stars drinking rule changed
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Love Island All Stars drinking rule changed

Living in a villa in the middle of an island may look like a dream come true to many, but it isn’t as glorious as one might think. ITV’s hit dating reality show has been on TV for ages now and every year the show bosses keep updating the show format.

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Certain rules of living in the villa have stayed the same since the start and many others have been added eventually over the years. One of these rules that was implemented after the initial few seasons was 2 drinks per islander per night.

Love Island All Stars may have scrapped the ‘two drink’ rules

ITV made the change in the drinking rule after concerns rose about the mental health of contestants. However, Love Island fans are speculating that the two-drink rule may have been scrapped by the show bosses this time. The observation comes after the Islanders have been acting messier than usual, reports The Sun.

From rows between couples like Arabella and Chris to unexpected snogs, the All Stars villa has been chaotic this time. Many stars have previously confirmed that there was ‘very little’ alcohol in the villa. But the Love Island fans have spotted that the islanders are slurring words. One fan took to social media and said:

Does anyone else feel like they’re being given way more alcohol this season?
Last night when Arabella ended the fight with Chris and was crying with the girls she looked and sounded like she was absolutely hammered. I also keep noticing them not being so preserving of their drinks in the evenings.
I think the fact that they’re all older and have experience on the show that they’ve been allowed more to up the drama a bit.

Another added:

Was wondering the same thing. It's probably light drinks. We saw how messy the islanders got in s1-3 when they drank, the producers probably felt like if they're new on the scene they shouldn’t make fools of themselves anymore because it leads to backlash.
But these islanders know the drill and they have the followings so I think the drinking isn't controlled by production as much.

What are the Love Island villa rules for Islanders?

Irrespective of the location of the villa, certain rules are expected to be followed by the islanders everywhere. The show bosses are so ‘strict’ with the rules that any Islander who doesn’t follow them could be thrown out of the villa, confirms Here are some other rules that the islanders must follow apart from drinking:

  • Islanders cannot masturbate
  • There should be no Nudity
  • The islanders must not use inappropriate language
  • No inappropriate behaviour or physical violence
  • No books, phones or magazines are allowed in the villa
  • Islanders are not allowed to discriminate against the show staff

Apart from these, the contestantsalso get a ‘rule book’ with all the guidelines they must adhere to while living in the villa.

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