Love Island All Stars: Things shake up in the villa as a new secret romance is spotted ‘off screen’

Love Island All Stars fans have spotted a new ‘off-screen’ couple that they would like to see together. Here’s what’s happening in the villa!

Love Island All Stars Kaz Kamwi Anton Danyluk secret romance
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Love Island All Stars Kaz Kamwi Anton Danyluk secret romance

Love Island All Stars villa has been giving bombshell after bombshell since the start. From introducing exes like Jake and Liberty and Molly and Callum and Kaz and Tyler to surprising dumping.

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Despite the challenges and what looks more like an ‘exes’ villa, our OG Islanders are hopeful to find love. Some romances in the villa are evident and some are hidden. To be precise, one may be hidden, according to the fans.

Is there something between Kaz Kamwi and Anton Danyluk?

After the party where Kaz and Anton danced together, many fans spotted that there may be more to the duo than just friendship. The off-camera connection also became the highlight of X (formerly Twitter) gossip as fans shared they have often seen the two get touchy-feely with each other as well.

Many of them flocked to Twitter to ‘approve’ of the potential romance, reports The Sun. They said:

I need Kaz and Anton to take it to the big screen and stop doing the cutesy in the corners!!
Listennnn Kaz and Anton are always wayy too comfy between scenes like dont be shy, share with the class.
This is the second time Anton and Kaz have been dancing up on one another.

Who are Kaz and Anton currently coupled up with?

Despite clearly seeing the great chemistry between the two, Kaz and Anton are currently paired with different Islanders on the show. Kaz is currently paired with her ex-boyfriend Tyler - who recently entered the villa as a surprise bombshell. Tyler gave an ‘off-putting’ speech as he expressed his wish to couple with Kaz.

According to The Sun, fans were left ‘shocked’ to see him talk to Kaz like that in front of everyone. One shared:

Is there any reason this man spoke to Kaz like an absolute piece of s**t tonight? The fact he is comfortable enough to speak to her like that in front of a group of people? Imagine what he must be like behind closed doors.

Kaz and Tyler secured fourth place in the 2021 LoveIsland series and left the villa as a couple. However, their romance was short-lived in the outside world. Tyler hinted he wants to either rekindle the romance or get ‘closure.’

Meanwhile, Anton has found a romantic spark with Georgia Harrison…but there’s a catch! After the two shared a kiss, Georgia was seen telling the girls in the villa that she has been ‘getting the ick’ from Anton, confirms The Sun. She confessed:

I just feel myself getting the ick a little bit and it's absolutely nothing he's doing.
I can't even put my finger on where it's coming from.

Considering how both of them are not in a very promising couple, it wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world if the two would get together.

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