Love Island All Stars’ Anton Danyluk and Georgia Harrison's love story has a new twist

Love Island All Stars contestants Anton Danyluk and Georgia Harrison are allegedly not a ‘real’ couple, according to a dumped islander. Here’s what’s happening!

Love Island All Stars Anton Danyluk Georgia Harrison Mitchel Taylor
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Love Island All Stars Anton Danyluk Georgia Harrison Mitchel Taylor

Never judge a book by its cover - even salt looks like sugar at times. This differentiation between salt and sugar is even more difficult when it’s on TV. Reality TV couples have long been questioned on the authenticity of their relationship, even couples like Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague were thought to be ‘doing it for the cameras’ when they were on Love Island.

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In every series, many claims are made about different couples whether they’re actually together or doing it for the show. Such claims are also made for a Love Island All Stars couple. Here’s who they are!

Messy Mitch claims that Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk are not real

According to dumped islanders Mitchel Taylor and Hannah Elizabeth, Anton Danyluk and Georgia Harrison may not be as loved up in real life as they seem on TV. The two have been in a friendship couple and Georgia Harrison even claimed she’s got an ‘ick’ from him. However, the recent recoupling saw a U-turn as they converted their connection into a romantic one.

On being asked if Georgia H and Anton have a real spark, dumped Islander Liberty Poole revealed she thinks that connection is genuine. However, ‘messy’ Mitch disregarded the theory. Speaking to Heat World, he said:

I've got a different opinion on that… Answer me this, if you get an 'ick' off someone, is an 'ick' reversible? It's not.
I'm not being a hater, Georgia Harrison and Anton are not real.

The star went as far as claiming that he was starting to form a connection with Georgia Harrison after his chaotic romance with Liberty Poole - who producers wished would rekindle a romance with Jake Cornish. He revealed that Georgia confessed she has ‘no sexual chemistry’ with Anton Danyluk. He added:

It's either Anton really does like this girl or he's one of the best actors in the world.

Love Island fans labelled Georgia H ‘fake’ over connection with Anton

Not just Mitchel Taylor, even Love Island All Stars fans have spotted that Georgia H may just be using Anton to stay in the villa longer, reports The Sun. During the PDA Awards, Georgia was crowned the 'Biggest Revelation' in the villa. The clip where she told the girls that she’s getting an ick from Anton played and both of them brushed off the comment.

After she gave her acceptance speech for the award, fans were not convinced enough and they took to X and wrote:

I think she’s really and truly falling…for more screen time.
She was literally crying over Casey two days ago. She definitely does not like Anton like that and I don't know why he's eating it up. He's honestly taking a page out of Liberty's book right now.

While Anton may not find a connection in the villa, he has plenty of options on the outside. Former glamour model Katie Price has also revealed she has the hots for him.

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