Love Island All Stars: Anton Danyluk thought of quitting the show on multiple occasions, reveals Tom Clare

Love Island All Stars’ Anton Danyluk reportedly had a ‘tough’ time in the villa as he thought of quitting the show on multiple occasions. Let’s find out what happened.

Love Island All Stars Anton Danyluk Georgia Harrison quit unaired rows relationship status
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Love Island All Stars Anton Danyluk Georgia Harrison quit unaired rows relationship status

What we see of Love Island is barely 24 hours worth of content cramped in an hour’s episode. We see fights, drama and romance all the time. However, what we don’t see is what goes inside islanders’ heads as they navigate challenging situations - which often seem fun to us.

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The All Stars version had many such moments, but one couple in particular had a tumultuous journey throughout - Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk.

Anton Danyluk wanted to quit the show on multiple occasions

If you’ve seen the All Stars edition you would know how turbulent Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk's relationship had been. From doing great to Georgia getting the ‘ick’ from Anton, and a potential secret & budding romance between Kaz Kamwi and Anton.

The two had many fights in the villa, most of which weren’t shown on-air, reports The Sun. All Stars winners Tom revealed:

People had really big bust-ups and it probably didn't get aired.

According to Tom, Georgia Harrison and Anton also had many bust-ups in the villa that weren’t always aired. Only a few of them made it to the edit like the one fight about who kisses louder and Anton constantly wanting reassurance while Georgia seemed to be less interested than him. The show edit was also slammed for making Molly Smith the most misunderstood islander.

Tom emphasised that these fights took a toll on Anton and he found the whole process ‘really tough.’ He explained:

I got really close with Anton in there, a lot of the time he'd come to me for advice and obviously, I'm younger than him - or I'd go to him and he'd take on board my advice.
There were times in there where maybe he probably thought about leaving and stuff like that. He got a bit emotional as well bless him.
There were a few nights in there where things got really heated.

This comes after Mitchel Taylor claimed that Georgia and Anton are ‘not the real deal.’ Not just messy Mitch, but many other islanders also scrutinised their relationship due to the tug of war between them.

Are Georgia Harrison and Antony Danyluk still together?

Despite their fights and their relationship being questioned by Love Island All Stars viewers, the two seem to be still continuing their connection in the outside world. After exiting the villa, they shared a video of them meeting for the first time as Georgia sipped wine and Anton gave her an expensive gift from Jo Malone.

However, on being asked if the two are official now, Georgia swerved the question awkwardly, reports The Sun. She said:

I would say enjoy each other’s company. We have been texting which is quite cute, very nice to be texting and just see what happens.
It’s been so nice to miss each other, there is no pressure on us.

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