Love Island All-Stars: A show producer hopes for Jake and Liberty to rekindle their romance

As Love Island All Stars is set to come to our screens, show bosses are hoping for two exes to rekindle their romance.

Love Island All Stars Jake Cornish and Liberty Poole rekindled romance
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Love Island All Stars Jake Cornish and Liberty Poole rekindled romance

Love Island All Stars will start on January 15th on ITV at 9 pm. Many of our favourite islanders will be returning on our TV screens including Georgia Harrison, Mitchel Taylor and Toby Aromolaran. With Maya Jama as the host and Indiyah Polack, Sam Thompson and Amy Hart behind the Love Island podcast, All-Stars is going to bigger and better than expected.

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Amidst this, executive producer Mike Spencer has revealed his wish for Jake Cornish and Liberty Poole to get back together.

Love Island producer ‘secretly’ hoping Jake and Liberty rekindle their romance

Despite having one of the most bitter break-ups in the show’s history, Love Island bosses ‘secretly hope’ that Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish get back together. The two coupled up on the first day of series seven in 2021 and it seemed that they would go all the way.

However, Jake was accused of ‘gaslighting her’ when he hinted that he wasn’t attracted to her, leaving Liberty to ultimately decide to self-evict from the villa and leave a single girl.

It is understood the two haven’t seen each other since then and will come face to face in the villa.

On being asked if Jake and Liberty have any chances of getting back together, Mike Spencer told The Sun:

I secretly hope so, I think it would be good. It would be good to see how they interact. That's what I'm excited to see, whether they pick up from where they left off. I don't think they've seen each other.
So I'll be interested to see that first chat.

Will Jake Cornish and Liberty Poole's face-off cause any drama on Love Island All-Stars

Neither Jake nor Liberty have any idea that they are doing the show together. The Islanders are currently quarantined without phone or internet access since the line-up was announced. Liberty and Jake have both grown since the last time they were on the show.

As such, Mike believes that there will be no ‘overreactions.’ Specifically speaking of Jake, Mike said:

No, I don’t think she will be upset. Liberty’s amazing and I think she probably knows there’s a possibility he could come in.
I don't know when the last time they spoke was, but I think it'll be interesting to see what happens. I think the fans will be excited.

Meanwhile, show host Maya Jama - who recently got back with Stormzy - doesn’t think the pair should rekindle their romance. She said:

Am I rooting for them to get back together? No. I think Liberty should do whatever she wants to do. Some people are meant to be together.
Maybe she will find a new love, maybe they will rekindle a spark? Who knows? Anything can happen.

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