Love Island All Stars: Molly Smith and Callum Jones might have a secret plan to win the show

Love Island fans who wanted Molly Smith and Callum Jones back may get their wish by the end of the show's spin-off, All Stars, as they may have a ‘secret’ game plan all along.

Love Island All Stars Mollh Smith Callum Jones Heart Rate challenge Tom Clare
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Love Island All Stars Mollh Smith Callum Jones Heart Rate challenge Tom Clare

The finale of Love Island All Stars is days away and yet there’s no clear winner in sight. Show bosses have dramatically dumped 5 islanders in the last few days and the remaining islanders are enjoying their last few days in the villa.

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While Josh and Sophie are getting the ‘winners’ edit, according to fans, there are two more islanders who may have chances to win. Wondering who they are? Molly Smith and Callum Jones - BUT with each other. Here’s why

Love Island Molly Smith and Callum Jones’ ‘secret’ game plan

For long it has been a will-they-won’t-they for Molly Smith and Callum Jones. Though the couple parted ways in September last year and they’re now back in the Love Island villa. This led to fans actually thinking the two may not have split and have just announced it for the sake of the show.

Recent events in the villa have further added fuel to this fire. The latest episode saw Molly and Callum make breakfast for their partners in the villa - Tom and Jess respectively. As they got close to the Kitchen, Callum said to Molly:

Who would have thought we’d be making breakfast not for each other, but for someone else….

Seeing they were ‘so cosy’ while making breakfast, Love Island fans are convinced they have a ‘secret’ game plan to get back together during All Stars, reports The Sun. They took to X (formerly Twitter) and wrote:

Are Callum and Molly setting twin and Tom up.
I’m starting to believe Molly and Callum have a game plan.
Molly and Callum working hard at setting Jess & Tom up.

Love Island All Star Heart Rate Challenge reveals Molly and Callum

The breakfast-making episode was enough for fans to recognise the two may still have the hots for each other, but there’s also more. Love Island’s iconic Heart Rate Challenge also revealed that they may still be into each other. At the end of the game, the Islanders were told Molly and Tom raised each other's heart rates the least, confirms The Sun.

When the results were announced, Molly and Callum looked at each other and smiled so that fans wouldn't let go unnoticed.

They shared:

Callum and Molly just have to get back together now after that! Little smiles at the end love it.
It's happening. Molly and Callum we see them smiles.

This comes after it was revealed that the ship has sailed on Molly and Callum reunion.
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Love Island All Stars: Are Molly Smith and Callum Jones together and faking their split? Love Island All Stars: Are Molly Smith and Callum Jones together and faking their split?