Love Island All Stars: The Molly Smith and Callum Jones ship has sailed according to this former contestant

Love Island All Stars contestants Callum Jones and Molly Smith may have rekindled their romance but all hope may be lost now. Here’s why!

Love Island All Stars Molly Smith Callum Jones
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Love Island All Stars Molly Smith Callum Jones

If two people are meant to be together, the universe puts them in each other’s way and that’s what Molly and Callum may have thought when they entered the Love Island All Stars villa this year. It was evident when Callum chose to couple up with Molly.

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However, things have gone downhill since then and a rekindled romance may not be something that is on the cards for the couple. This isn’t a public opinion, but it is Demi Jones’ opinion.

Love Island’s Molly and Callum may never rekindle their romance

Molly and Callum called it quits last year after being together for 3 years. They met in 2020 on Love Island and enjoyed a healthy relationship for a long time until the split. Less than 6 months after the breakup, both of them signed up for Love Island All Stars to find love again.

According to Demi Jones - who was dumped from the villa with Luis Morrison - the two were initially ‘interested’ in resolving their issues in the villa. However, after Callum's explosive confession of sleeping with 16 women after his split from Molly, things have changed for the couple.

Demi hinted that the two may still care for each other but Callum’s confession has made it difficult for the two to rekindle their romance, reports The Sun. She spoke about the situation on Love Island's The Morning After podcast and said:

If you love someone - regardless of if you broke up six months ago - you are still going to care for them and the memories they have together.
Then to hear they go on and you know ... [sleep with 16 people].

Callum Jones' confession on Love Island All Stars

The incident in question is an answer Callum gave during a game of Truth and Dare on the show. During an episode on the show, the Islanders were playing the game when Callum was asked who he would couple up with instead of Georgia Steel - the messiest islander - but he dodged the question, confirms Daily Star.

In another attempt, he was asked by Anton Danyluk:

How many girls have you slept with since Molly?

Callum’s answer shocked the villa when hesitantly replied ‘16.’ Molly was left stunned by the confession and eventually said ‘You do you.’

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Love Island All Stars: Are Molly Smith and Callum Jones together and faking their split? Love Island All Stars: Are Molly Smith and Callum Jones together and faking their split?