Love Island All Stars’ Luis Morrison dumped by his ‘secret’ girlfriend amid romance with Demi Jones

Love Island All Stars contestant Luis Morrison reportedly had a ‘secret’ girlfriend outside the villa but she has dumped him now. Here’s what’s happening!

Love Island All Stars Luis Morrison secret girlfriend Demi Jones
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Love Island All Stars Luis Morrison secret girlfriend Demi Jones

Imagine meeting someone and thinking that you’ve found ‘the one’ and then later realising you couldn’t be more wrong about it. Now imagine doing all of that on national television. Yikes! Something similar to this has happened with Love Island All Stars contestant Demi Jones.

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Demi Jones entered the villa and was paired with Chris Taylor by the public. She then found a romantic spark with Luis Morrison and was eventually dumped from the villa with him. However, ever since the exit a lot of new information has come out.

Luis Morrison had a ‘secret’ girlfriend outside the villa

According to The Sun, Luis Morrison has been dumped not just from the Love Island villa but also by his ‘secret’ girlfriend. Reportedly, Luis was dating a single mum he met in early 2023 and convinced her to go on Love Island All Stars.

It is understood he told his girlfriend to ‘pretend he was acting in a movie’ while filming the show. His ‘secret’ girlfriend has also met his daughter Vienna. Luis allegedly told her that he wouldn’t ‘crack on’ with anyone in the villa, and seeing him and Demi - who was also on Mitch's list - get involved romantically made her contact his exes.

The unnamed secret girlfriend reached out to exes Cally Jane Beech and Chloe Elizabeth - whom he shares kids with - and found the courage to break up with him. An insider claimed that Cally and Chloe have ‘offered their support’ and said:

She explained she has been hurt by him hooking up with Demi and shocked by the stories about him not paying child maintenance.
Luis told her he was going onto Love Island but had no intention of them breaking up. He told her to pretend he was just acting in a movie.
Having a break away from him while he was in the villa gave her the space she needed to find the courage to break up with him.

The insider added that the secret girlfriend was ‘struggling with the decision’ to break up with him as she had grown close to his daughter.

Does Demi know about Luis’ ‘secret’ girlfriend?

One might think that this level of secrecy would put off Demi Jones, but that hasn’t been the case. Demi revealed on a TikTokLive that Luis had already told her about the secret girlfriend in the villa, reports Mirror.

Demi said:

I'm not one to judge, he did sit down and he did tell me in the villa, his situation. It wasn't a shock when it came out.
I've met Cally before, I sort of knew the situation but I didn't know all the ins and outs of the other stuff and also I'm not one to pry. He's got a lot on his plate.

Talking about her connection with Luis, she insisted that they ‘get on well’ and are not putting any pressure on anything for now. She added:

I'm happy, we'll see where it goes, we'll see what happens.

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