Love Island All Stars: Luis Morrison-Derbyshire’s presence triggers waves of criticism for ITV

Love Island All Stars really is starting with a bang! After Jake Cornish’s shock exit very early on, ITV is facing criticism over Luis Morrison-Derbyshire’s presence on the show. We tell you why!

Love Island All Stars Luis Morrison child support
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Love Island All Stars Luis Morrison child support

Love Island All Stars started on 15 January and, only 4 days later, it is everywhere. The series which brings back stars from previous seasons is the show’s first edition of the spin-off.

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Though at first Jake Cornish took the spotlight after choosing to exit the show only two days after it began, now attention is on Luis Morrison-Derbyshire. The reason why? Well, on Monday 15 January, the contestant described himself as a ‘proud dad’ but now his ex Chloe Elizabeth, with whom he has a son aged two, claims the ‘proud dad’ is not very present.

Luis has allegedly only seen his son a ‘few times’

Talking to The Sun, influencer Chloe Elizabeth called out Luis’ parenting. She said:

Luis has two kids who he rarely supports, but you can see his lifestyle online.
He's on lovely holidays, drives a nice car, lives in a nice house in a nice area, wearing his designer clothes yet he hasn't given Romeo any money or support for most of his life.

She also added that even ‘if Luis appears in just ten episodes’ of All Stars then that would mean that his son, Romeo, would have seen him more on TV than in his life.

The mother has also slammed ITV for allowing him to appear on TV and ‘be a role model to other young people’. Daily Mail reports that a source at ITV has defended Luis’ presence on the show by saying that ‘All Islanders undergo extensive checks before being considered for the show’.

However viewers of the show are not having any of ITV’s justifications and have taken to X to express their discontent. One writes:

So sick of #LoveIsland giving toxic people airtime. How you gonna go on TV saying you’re a proud Dad??? Let’s agree to get Luis out first!
Luis shouldn’t be allowed on Love Island ngl, ITV are failing in their duty of care having him around women ? Jus my opinion tho #LoveIslandAllStars
Imagine if this Luis situation was the other way around! If a deadbeat mum tried to go on love island and it was all over the internet/papers etc, she’d not even make it into the villa! How is it acceptable/normalised to be a deadbeat dad…?! @ITV #loveisland #LoveIslandAllStars

Fans trying to protect Demi after she kissed Luis

Chloe Elizabeth’s criticism of Luis could have a disastrous impact on his time on the show. Indeed, as highlighted above, fans aren’t pleased with the fact that the man is on All Stars when he is not fulfilling his parental duties and they could choose to vote him out.

But not only that, after 18 January’s episode, viewers were fuming when Luis and Demi kissed. Daily Mail reports that this came as a surprise to many as Luis had planned to take Kaz to the terrace first. The two women then awkwardly came face to face.

Expressing a collection of emotions, viewers took to X and said:

Luis needs to stay away from my girl Demi#Loveisland
luis bringing demi up on the terrace after saying that him and kaz should go up there IN THE SAME NIGHT- man a wicked#LoveIslandAllStars #Loveisland

Many viewers were also surprised because prior to the kiss, not only did Luis suggest taking Kaz to the terrace instead of Demi, but Demi had just received a sort of declaration from Mitch.

This season promises to be dramatic and with a recoupling approaching, things could escalate quickly!

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