Love Island: Here are all the couples who have been together since they left the villa

From nasty splits, to wedding bells, here is a look at the Love Island couples who are actually together after all this time.

Love Island: Couples who are still together
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Love Island: Couples who are still together

Love Island series 10 is finally up and running and fans are dying to see which couples are going to stick it out till the end of the show.

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Love Island has seen many a couple come and go in the past many years. The ITV series has produced some big stars like Olivia, Paige, Camilla, Andrew, and Teddy, all of whom have become common household names. But not all of them who left the Love Island villa has the same happy ending. From a solid relationship to being happily married and welcoming a baby to a nasty split, fans have just seen the couples of Winter Love Island do it all.

With Faye and Teddy's new announcement of their split, fans can't help but keep a tab on the Love Island couples that are still together. The ITV series aims to bring single people together as a pair, and build a relationship that lasts the test of time. But more often than not, many Love Island couples just cannot make it.

If you want to keep a tab on the various Love Island couples who could make their love last post their days in the villa, you are in the right place. Here is a look at Love Island couples who are still together, based on what they share on Instagram.

Ekin Su and Davide

This couple proved together they can do it all.Ekin and Davide shared a special relationship from day 1 in the Love Island villa. And it continues to be going strong months after the series ended. Fans are just hoping to see them married with a child on the way, soon.

Camilla and Jamie

Being an iconic pair from series 3 of Love Island, Camilla, and Jamie is one of those couples that are not second guessing their love. Their relationship has become stronger post leaving the show, and Camilla and Jamie are often seen together on their social media, very much in love. They even had a new child together to seal the deal.

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Callum and Molly

The Love Island pair Callum and Molly met in the villa in the 6th series and it is evident that they share a great relationship. There are rumors that the couple is ready to get married soon. Needless to say, viewers of the series are thrilled to know that leaving the Love Island villa did not affect this equation.

Molly-Mae and Tommy

Being one of the most successful Love Island couples of all time, Molly-Mae and Tommy have lived the dream. They even announced and welcomed a new baby daughter recently and often post about their happy life together. Fans are hoping to see them officially married soon, and with a second child on the way.

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Eva and Nas

Eva and Nas were the most underrated Love Island couple that didn't make it to the finale of series 6 in the villa. But, fans are happy to know that they took their relationship forward after they left the show. The couple is said to be still together and in love. Eva often opens up on Instagram about their equation, which seems to be going stronger with every year.

Tasha and Andrew

Tasha and Andrew, who appeared in series 8 of the show, have not split. The couple is very much together and in love. This news has got viewers from all over the world extremely happy. Needless to say, they are hoping to see wedding bells and perhaps a baby announcement from Tasha and Andrew very soon.

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