Love Island rejects Lillie and Jack ‘couple up’ after leaving the villa

Love Islanders Lille and Jack have been hitting it off ever since they got evicted from the show.

Love Island
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Love Island

Coupling up in the villa is a nerve wracking task. One wrong choice and your whole experience on Love Island could be wasted. Love IslandersLille Haynes and Jack Barlow may have placed their bets on the wrong partner, but they seem to be doing pretty okay after getting booted out of the villa.

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Growing close

According to The Sun, they apparently instantly hit off in Majorca before flying back home to the UK. Their source revealed:

They both fancy the pants of each other and had an instant connection.
They swapped numbers while in the holding hotel in Majorca and have been swapping flirty messages and chatting on the phone ever since.
They've not even been on a date yet but Jack has already been introduced to Lillie's mum via FaceTime.

Earlier this month, 22-year-old Lillie was dumped from Love Island after Liam chose to go back to the villa from Casa Amor as a single man. The two were getting it on during his ‘lads trip’ but Liam eventually chose to be with Millie—who he had coupled up with since the beginning of the show.

Contestants coupling outside the villa

Lillie’s romantic endeavour in Casa Amormay not have been fruitful but it looks like she still managed to find a romantic connection with one of the participants. The source added:

Lillie and Jack are clearly into each other. They haven't been able to meet up yet because they've both been at home quarantining.
But they are both out now and are planning to meet up for a date as soon as they can arrange to see how things go.
They already built a close friendship over the phone and both of them have made it clear they really fancy each other so love could be in the air.
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