MAFS UK: Peggy Rose's first stint on TV was on Take Me Out and she looks completely different

Married At First Sight UK’s Peggy Rose Lawrence and the Peggy Rose who appear on Take Me Out are two completely different people - and not just in terms of looks.

Peggy Rose MAFS UK and Take Me Out
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Peggy Rose MAFS UK and Take Me Out

Married At First Sight UK fans know Peggy Rose as an intelligent woman who’s a bit ‘prudish’ and old fashioned in her ways. The 32-year-old technology risk partner was paired with 30-year-old Georges Berthonneau by the experts.

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Peggy made a shock decision to quit the show and end her marriage with Georges as they struggled to share any physical intimacy. It appears that Peggy was put off by Georges' online squatting videos on his Twitch channel. However, that’s not always what Peggy has been like, here’s why!

Difference between Peggy Rose on Take Me Out and MAFS UK

To begin with, let’s understand that MAFS UK is not Peggy’s first stint on TV. In 2012, she took part in ITV’s Take Me Out. Peggy and her suitor Andrew are seen on The Isle Of Fernando - the fictional location where successful contestants are sent to get to know each other. Recently a video of her stint on the show from 10 years ago circulated online and fans were left stunned.

Peggy Rose and her looks

MailOnline confirmed that the stark difference in Peggy’s appearance in Take Me Out to the way she looks now. In her 2012 stint, Peggy was a brunette 19-year-old who appeared on the show ‘in a plunging black corset top with frilly detailing and accessorised her outfit with a huge pair of silver hoops.’ She’s seen sporting a heavy palette of makeup and freshly manicured nails.

In contrast, MAFS UK Peggy is a 32-year-old long-haired blonde woman who has a glamorous palette of makeup with an expensive-looking wardrobe.

A completely different person from her 2012’s girl next door version. Seeing the difference many fans flocked to X (formerly Twitter) and shared:

Can't believe Peggy is the same Peggy from Take Me Out...used to love her on that show…
Wow she looks completely different hard to believe they are the same person.
No way is that the same person!
Blimey I've just watched 19 yr old student Peggy on her Take Me Out island date. She's not the prudish Peggy we are seeing on MAFS!

Peggy Rose and her values

However, her look isn’t the only thing different about her from MAFS UK. Peggy’s marriage to Georges and their rocky romance has kept fans interested. As she quits the show, one of the major reasons for her marriage falling apart with Georges is the lack of physical intimacy. Peggy claims that Georges’ squatting videos online have put her off and that had people calling her ‘prudish’ on the show.

Meanwhile, 2012 Peggy is far from it. In the clip that resurfaced from Take Me Out, Peggy is seen getting intimate with her then partner and ‘dream man’ Andrew on the first date. According to MailOnline, Peggy and Andrew shared a string of snogs while they went dolphin spotting in the Mediterranean. Fans took to X and said:

Well she’s kissed this guy more on the first date than she has the whole time she’s been married to Georges it seems! Maybe she really doesn’t fancy Georges, which is why the intimacy isn’t progressing.
He saw more action in that 2 minute clip than Georges has seen all series!
She had different values then I guess.
All this PDA and poor George can barely get a smile from her
She will barely touch Georges when she is married to & with him for pretty much 24/7 for 2 months, but look how many snogs this guy got on a first date!

Apart from looks and values, Peggy also was accused of being ‘dippy’ on Take Me Out as she admitted to not knowing what dolphins look like.

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