Married At First Sight UK cast 2023: Here’s what they have been up to since the show ended

Married At First Sight UK ended weeks ago and this is what the cast members are up to now behind the cameras.

Married At First Sight UK cast 2023: Here’s what they have been up to since the show ended
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Married At First Sight UK cast 2023: Here’s what they have been up to since the show ended

Married At First Sight UK cast was last seen on telly probably a month ago after the reunion made explosive revelations. While some couples are still together from the show, others have parted ways - but this isn’t about who’s together and who’s not.

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A month after the show, let’s dive into what the MAFS UK 2023 cast members are doing now in their life. From happy relationships to big business deals - the entertainment is still on!

Peggy and Georges

Despite their bumpy relationship on the show, Peggy and Georges are still together and have even launched their joint Instagram account - Team Geggy. They have shared cute and fun pictures of their time together. Georges still does his gaming, and goes live on Twitch and TikTok most days including a very interesting project with another cast member. Read more to find out.

Erica and Jordan

Erica and Jordan have big plans of moving in together by February 2024. The two often come together on Instagram and TikTok lives to share their life with friends and followers. Jordan also explained that they have been going back and forth between their hometowns - Sheffield and Edinburgh - to spend time together. As such, their priority is to move in together as soon as possible, confirmed The Tab.

Tasha and Paul

While Tasha and Paul confirmed they are still together after the show, the two haven’t shared new updates on social media. From the looks of it, the two are still friends with many of the other cast members and often hang out with them. Could there be something hidden behind this love story?

Rozz and Thomas

MAFS UK viewers saw Rozz and Thomas breaking up on the show, but things may have changed since then. Reportedly, the two have been spending a lot of time together which makes fans believe that they might be trying to rekindle things. Thomas recently went to dinner and a play with Rozz’s parents and they re-lived their honeymoon by going skiing.

Matt and Shona

The two shocked everyone as they announced they have been dating since the reunion was filmed earlier this year. After the shock revelation, they have also hinted that marriage is on the cards for them since that was the intention with which they went into the MAFS UK experiment. The wedding is understood to take place in the UK with honeymoon in Bali. What’s more? Matt and Georges have just announced they’re going into business together!

Both of the guys are big into fitness and sport, and in a joint Instagram post have said they are creating ‘the best online coaching service possible to help YOU achieve your goals going into the new year.’


Matt’s ex Adrienne has moved on in her life as well. She has recently been on a holiday to Krakow with Erica, and also confirmed she’s ready to start dating again. On top of that, she has moved home to Liverpool and described the move as ‘scary but exciting.’


Arthur announced his return to his day job just two days after MAFS UK ended. While he may not have found love on the show, he has formed a great friendship with Laura. She revealed that the two speak to each other daily and genuinely support each other.

Girlies and Brand deals

As a part of any reality TV show, many MAFS UK cast members have been able to bag great brand deals after the show. Read here to know more about which cast member got which deal.

Nathanial and Laura

Many cast members may still be friends with each other, but Nathanial and Laura have confirmed they are no longer on talking terms or on good terms.

Luke and Jordan

One thing MAFS UK fans are more excited for than the relationships is Luke v/s Jordan boxing match. The two went head to head on the show after which Luke was asked to leave the experiment. The two still seem to have some differences as they plan to see each other in the ring at The O2 arena on the 9th of February.

Brad, Mark and Bianca

Since being kicked off MAFS UK 2023, Brad Skelly has started a job at Savers in Grimsby. Bianca has also followed Brad’s foot steps and gone back to her day job as a hair specialist. Meanwhile, Mark has been left single and unemployed after the experiment. He left his day job to be on the show and failed to find a connection as well.

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