Married At First Sight UK: Average salaries of all the 2023 cast members revealed

Married At First Sight UK cast earned pretty well before their stint on E4. Here’s who earned what and how!

MAFS UK Contestants wages
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MAFS UK Contestants wages

Married At First Sight UK has had its fair share of drama in this series. From cheating scandals to fights and more, MAFS UK has given us much to think about. While the claims suggest that most of the cast was scouted and the show is staged, despite that none of the cast members actually need the money from the show, confirmed The Tab.

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Here’s what the cast of MAFS UK 2023 did before getting on the show and how much they earned.


Bianca is a hair extension specialist from Buxton. The average salary of a professional hair stylist in her area is £20k a year. Considering how she’s a specialist in her field, Bianca may be earning more than £20k a year.


The first-ever transgender bride of the show has had an eventful journey on the show. But before she left the show with Nathanial and re-entering with JJ, Ella was a clinic consultant. The average salary of a clinic consultant is understood to be £22k.


The hunk works with his family in their family business - Window cleaning. Matt lives in Harrogate and is expected to earn £23k on an average every year.


Tasha immensely loves kids and worked as a childcare assistant in Leeds. Her average salary as a childcare assistant is around £23k.


Rozz is a florist from Crewe. She has her own flower business and is expected to make more than £26k a year. Depending on how successful her business is, she could be making more or less.


Before getting married on the show, Mark worked as a customer service manager in London. That makes his average salary around £30k a year.


The store manager from New Look, Duhram could make around £31k a year.


Luke lives in Clacton, Essex and works as a sales executive. Based on average salaries of the region, he makes around £31k a year.


The Tennis coach from London approximately makes around £34k a year.


Shona is a performing arts teacher from Nottingham where the average pay for her profession is £34k.


Despite his turbulent journey on the show, he has a stable career in real life. The events marketing manager from Manchester makes around £35k per year or more.


Erica had two jobs before coming on the show. She was a social media manager as well as a dance teacher in London. Assuming her main source of income comes from social media management, she could make an average salary of £32k - add her dance teacher earnings to it and it could go up to £35k+.


Laura is a finance manager in Hampshire and makes up to £36k a year.


The personal trainer based out of Sheffield could be making an average of £37k a year based on the average salaries of the area.


Paul works as an account manager from Chesham, where the average salary for this role is £38k.


Prior to quitting his job, Georges was working in sports rehabilitation at a football club in Surrey where the average salary for the role is £39k.


Thomas works in investment communications in Wiltshire and is understood to be making around an average salary of £40k.


Before being removed from the show due to her husband’s fight, Jay made one of the highest salaries on the show. Being a sales manager in Lancashire she averages around £41k a year.


Porscha is an executive assistant from London who makes around £46k a year.


The project support officer in Cumbria makes around £49k a year.


Peggy - who has previously also been on TV - made the highest out of all the cast. She earned a whopping £56k a year in her role of technology risk partner.

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