Married At First Sight UK’s Tasha opens up about a surgery that left her screaming and vomiting

Married At First Sight UK bride Tasha revealed her experience with a ‘traumatising’ hand surgery. Here’s what happened!

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Married At First Sight UK bride Tasha created headlines while she was on the show due to her bitter feud with Erica. The Childcare assistant who has been accused of bullying on the show. The 25-year-old from Leeds has now revealed that she went through a terrifying surgery where she screamed and vomited twice before the operation.

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MAFS UK bride Tasha undergoes an ‘awful’ hand surgery

Tasha opened up about her surgery on Instagram as she took to the social media website from her hospital bed. She appeared to be in good spirits at first when she posed in a medical gown and flashed a peace sign at the camera. However, The Sun confirmed that wasn’t the case.

She initially hinted at the traumatic experience by captioning her picture as ‘Two panic attacks later.’ Later, she appeared in a video after her operation and cradled her bandaged arm in a white sling.

The MAFS UK bride went on to reveal that she hated every minute of her surgery and said:

Awful. I’ve got no words. I am traumatised, today has been awful.

Tasha appeared to come back at people who told her that the surgery will not hurt her much. She added:

Not to scare anyone who is having surgery done but everyone that told me it didn’t hurt you liars, liars.
I screamed and I filled three sick bowls and nearly passed out.

Tasha admitted that the actual surgery wasn't too bad but it was when doctors attempted to numb the area she found it very painful. She also shut down the suggestion of undergoing the same treatment on her other hand. The MAFS UK bride told fans that she was having difficulty in carrying out daily tasks such as applying her mascara. She said:

Getting it numb was the worst experience of my life, I’m genuinely traumatised.
Honestly I feel so sorry for myself you should have seen me trying to open my mascara I had to use my mouth.

Thanking her followers, she added:

Thank you to everyone who has wished me well, I’m going to try and get some rest. And hopefully wake up and my hand is still there.

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The Sun: MAFS UK bride Tasha sparks concern with hospital snap as she reveals she screamed and vomited during surgery

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