Big Brother UK 2023 cast revealed: Here’s the complete list of housemates

Big Brother UK 2023 is here and it’s huge! The show has returned after 5 long years and 16 chosen ones have entered the house. Let’s meet them here!

Big Brother UK 2023 Cast
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Big Brother UK 2023 Cast

Big Brother UK 2023 has made its grand and iconic return on TV. The show has returned after 5 years with hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best as the hosts. 30,000 applied to be on the ultimate social experiment, however, only 16 could meet the criteria. Let’s meet the housemates here:

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The 25-year-old barman and cleaner from Bridgend was the first person to join the BB cast. He said in his VT:

I'm not the only gay in the village, I'm the best one.


Farida is a 50-year-old Make-up artist from Wolverhampton and is a ‘very proud Muslim.’ She prays five times a day and promises to be dressed modestly in the house.


The Butcher from Livington, Somerset is 21 years old and believes that he will ‘potentially offend’ some people as his mouth moves faster than his brain.


The youngest contestant on the show is 18 years old and a youth worker from London. While she’s the youngest in the house, she has warned housemates against ‘babying’ her. She described herself as a ‘raging b***h on wheels sometimes.’


Trish is a 33-year-old mother from Luton. She is on Big Brother to ‘humanise refugees and immigrants, especially in this political climate.’


Hailing from Harrogate, Yinrun is a 25-year-old customer support agent. She revealed:

I’m most excited about being surrounded by so many people from different walks of life.
I don't think I will ever live in a house again with so many different kinds of people. I’m from China and I think it will help me be more immersed in British culture.


Jordan is a 25-year-old Lawyer from Scunthorpe who applied to be on the show out of boredom. He explained that he doesn’t like the idea of living with people in the same house but would like to see how the social experiment would go.


Zak is a 28-year-old model from Manchester who grew up in a jungle in Thailand. He described himself as a guy who’s down to earth and ‘not a typical model.’


The Dental therapist is a 29-year-old from Llanelli, Wales. Her application to BB was a joke that has now materialised.


DJ and MC Dylan is one of this year's contestants. After his terrible accident a few years ago, he decided to have his leg amputated. The DJ likes to meet new people.


The 26-year-old was Miss Universe GB in 2022 and is also a banker. She’s on the show to prove to people that there’s more to her than just her ‘looks.’


24-year-old is a doctor from the Isle of Mann. He’s on the show to fulfill his wish of experiencing everything before he dies. He currently works in the geriatric department and loves ‘old people.’


A 23-year-old security officer from Liverpool. He’s extroverted and a bit of an agony aunt. He expects to be nominated for ‘being the biggest wind-up, eating all the food and being the loudest housemate.’


Hailing from Costwolds, Henry is a 25-year-old Food Writer. He’s a proud Royalist who would love to go for a Martini with the Royal Family. He's hoping there will be a matron in the house because he can't cook or clean.


The 23-year-old dancer from Glasgow, Scotland - who has already annoyed fans on the very first day - describes herself as the ‘princess’ of the household. She’s ‘full-on and brutally honest.’


Kerry is a 40-year-old NHS Manager who always wanted to be on the show and applied this year as ITV was looking for people from ‘all walks of life.’

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