AJ Odudu's net worth: This is how much the Big Brother co-host is worth

AJ Odudu is a talented British TV host and presenter. She is the latest addition to Big Brother's format shake up as it prepares for its comeback this fall.

AJ Odudu's net worth: This is how much the Big Brother co-host is worth
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AJ Odudu's net worth: This is how much the Big Brother co-host is worth

Big Brother is finally set to start on October 8 with new hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best. In this article we look at AJ's career, net worth and social media presence.

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AJ Odudu, whose full name is Onatejiro Odudu, is a prominent figure in British entertainment. She began her career as a radio presenter and later transitioned into the world of British television. AJ's journey to fame gained significant momentum after her remarkable run on the popular show Strictly Come Dancing, where she made it to the finals and captured the hearts of viewers across the nation.

Before becoming a household name on British television, AJ kick started her career as a reporter for BBC Blast at Radio Lancashire. Her television presenting debut came in 2009 when she appeared on the BBC Two series titled The Almost Perfect Guide to Life.She also fronted the online BBC series known as The 5:19 Show.

A promising presenter

AJ's versatility as a presenter became evident as she ventured into various television projects. She made appearances on shows like Channel 4's 100 Greatest Toys. In 2012, she co-hosted coverage of the Isle of Wight Festival on Sky Arts, further establishing her presence in the entertainment industry. However, it was her involvement in Big Brother's Bit On The Side in 2013, alongside hosts Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal, that catapulted her to fame. She also appeared in Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Psych in the same year, solidifying her status as a television personality.

In recent times, AJ Odudu has garnered attention as a potential host for major television gigs, including Love Island and Big Brother. Her journey from radio to television and her charisma have endeared her to audiences, making her a rising star in British entertainment.

What is AJ Odudu's net worth?

AJ Odudu's successful career in the entertainment industry has not only brought her fame but also a substantial net worth. Reports suggest that her estimated net worth stands at an impressive £1.2 million, and this figure was before her standout performance on Strictly Come Dancing.

Following her endearing turn on the show, AJ's popularity skyrocketed, and she quickly ascended to the status of a national treasure. Her warm and amiable nature, combined with her hosting talents, position her as an ideal successor to well-known television personalities like Davina, Brian Dowling, and Emma.

AJ Odudu's career and social media presence

AJ Odudu's career has been marked by her ability to excel in various television genres. Her versatility as a presenter is a testament to her talent and adaptability. For example, her role on the second season of The Bridge: Race To A Fortune on Channel 4 showcased her comfort in high-pressure environments, where she adeptly managed the emotional tone of the show, from cheering on contestants to unveiling twists and surprises.

Moreover, AJ's foray into live broadcasting was evident during her stint on The Big Breakfast's revival. Her ability to carry a live broadcast with ease and her infectious sense of fun resonated with viewers.

In addition to her television career, AJ Odudu has made a significant impact on social media garnering 56.1K followers on Twitter and an impressive 244K on Instagram. Her engaging presence allows her to connect with fans and provide insights into her life and career. She has effectively leveraged her online presence to enhance her reputation as a talented and relatable television personality.

Rising up to the occasion

One notable highlight of AJ's career was her role in delivering the Eurovision points for the UK in May 2022. Her charismatic and memorable delivery of the points added to her growing appeal among viewers.

Despite some past challenges in her career, including her departure from Big Brother's Bit On The Sidein 2013, AJ has grown exponentially as a presenter. Her recent opportunities, including the return toBig Brother, offer her a golden opportunity to prove herself as one of the country's best hosts.

A supportive circle

One person who undoubtedly supports AJ is Emma Willis, who has expressed confidence in AJ's talents. Their collaborations on projects like Emma and AJ Get to Work and AJ's backstage coverage for 'The Voice' (which Emma presents) showcase their strong professional relationship.

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