Will Best's net worth: How much is Big Brother's new co-host worth?

Will Best was announced as co-host for Big Brother's long awaited comeback. We take a look at his career, net worth and social media presence.

Will Best net worth Big Brother UK 2023
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Will Best net worth Big Brother UK 2023

Along with AJ Odudu, Will Best has been announced as the new co-host of Big Brother which is set to come out on 8 October. In this article we take a look at the unique career that brought him TV stardom.

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Will Best is a versatile British TV presenter with a deep passion for music, comedy, and youth culture. His career in the entertainment industry has seen him take on various roles and projects that have contributed to his recognition and popularity in British television. Born on February 21, 1985, Will Best is currently 38 years old. He was born in Wandsworth, London, but spent his formative years in Leeds. He pursued his education at Manchester University, where he studied History.

Will Best's career

Will's journey as a TV presenter began in 2010 when he co-hosted the music chat show Suck My Pop on Viva, alongside Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh. His engaging presence and enthusiasm for music quickly made an impression. Additionally, he lent his voice to the MTV Top 20 chart on VIVA, establishing himself as a prominent figure in music television.

In 2011, Will became a part of the T4 family, where he presented the show every weekend until his run concluded in 2012. During this period, he also took over the role of the monthly entertainment presenter on 4Music's The Crush, succeeding Rick Edwards.

The years 2012 and 2013 saw Will co-host the iTunes Festival for Channel 4 and E4, sharing the stage with well-known personalities like Nick Grimshaw, Annie Mac, Lauren Laverne, and Tom Ravenscroft. In addition to his music-related work, he also hosted the E4 dating show Love Shaft.

One significant milestone in Will's career was when Simon Cowell personally chose him to present You Generation, a YouTube show that featured celebrity interviews, musical performances, and a monthly talent contest. This opportunity allowed him to showcase his hosting skills to a global audience.

Will also delved into documentary work, particularly in 2015, when he fronted the well-received BBC Three documentary titled Is This Rape? Sex on Trial. The documentary aimed to explore whether a group of British teenagers could accurately determine the consent or lack thereof in a carefully produced drama about a sexual encounter.

Will Best's big break

However, his big prime-time breakthrough came in 2017 when he co-hosted the ITV talent show Dance Dance Dance alongside Britain's Got Talent judgeAlesha Dixon. Despite its initial success, the show did not progress to a second series.

In 2022, viewers may have spotted Will Best on the series of Celebrity Coach Trip, where he appeared alongside his comedian friend Matt Richardson, adding another entertaining chapter to his television career. The latest milestone of Will's career came with the announcement that he was to co-host ITV's Big brother alongside AJ Odudu.

Beyond his television work, Will Best is involved in the business world as the co-founder of Bloody Drinks, a company specializing in canned cocktails, alongside his friend Henry Farnham.

What is Will Best's net worth?

According to Famous Birthdays, Will Best is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million. This number, however, remains unverified.

In 2020, Will Best commented on his net worth after seeing that he was worth $136 billion on Net Worth List. He said:

You’d look smug too if you were worth $136 BILLION!!! I had no idea until i saw this, but I must say I’m absolutely thrilled. DM me for cash!

While he may not be worth that much money, he has achieved financial success due to his extensive career in television and his entrepreneurial ventures, such as Bloody Drinks.

Will's social media presence

Will Best's career has been marked by his versatility and ability to engage with diverse audiences. His early work in music television showcased his passion for music and entertainment.

In addition to music-related roles, Will ventured into various television genres, hosting dating shows and tackling important societal issues in documentaries. His willingness to explore a wide range of topics underscores his commitment to both entertainment and social awareness.

Will maintains an active presence on social media platforms, with 13.5k followers on Instagram and 14.9k followers on Twitter. Compared to other reality TV show hosts, it may not be much, but is likely to grow as the new season of Big Brother comes out!

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