Sam Thompson received a late diagnosis for this neurological condition

Sam Thompson is loving life in the Australian jungle on I’m a Celeb but the Made in Chelsea star is living with a neurological condition that immensely impacts his life.

Sam Thompson late diagnosis for neurological condition
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Sam Thompson late diagnosis for neurological condition

Sam Thompson was recently voted the camp leader in the I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here jungle. He is now in charge of his fellow campmates, from YouTuber, Nella Rose and French maître D, Fred Sirieix.

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If you’ve been watching I’m a Celeb or watched Made in Chelsea, you likely noticed that Sam is a bundle of energy and has trouble concentrating and staying still, this may be due to the neurological condition he was diagnosed with earlier this year.

Indeed, Sam Thompson took part in a documentary at the beginning of the year to understand why he is the way he is. Thanks to the documentary, Sam was able to understand himself better after getting a life-changing diagnosis.

Sam Thompson was diagnosed with ADHD

On May 8, 2023, Channel 4 released a documentary about Sam Thompson’s journey towards an ADHD diagnosis, titled: Sam Thompson: Is This ADHD? During the documentary, Sam opened up about the various struggles he has faced since he was a child.

Sam also explained that he decided to seek a diagnosis to finally understand himself, he told Metro:

When I hit 30 I had this moment where I decided to figure myself out a little bit more, and put my finger on what was different.

Speaking about his childhood, he revealed that he always felt different and was labelled the ‘lazy’ kid and a ‘bad student’ at school. Speaking to Metro, Sam Thompson revealed what it was like to get an explanation for his behaviour finally:

I didn’t really know how I was going to feel. It’s weird. I was there for around seven hours getting assessed
By the end of it, you’re quite emotionally spent. I like talking about myself, but this was a lot, and I was so drained.

He then explained that the diagnosis he received was ‘a weight lifted off my shoulders’ and he got quite emotional:

It was quite an emotional thing too. I’m not usually a crier, but I got a bit emotional. It was a big relief, and I felt a weight lift off my shoulders

How does ADHD impact Sam Thompson’s life?

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), doesn’t affect everyone in the same way. For Sam Thompson, it affects his ability to concentrate, for example, he has admitted he struggles to listen and comprehend what his girlfriend, Zara McDermott says to him.

He told Metro:

There are times when I’m talking to Zara and I’m trying to listen so hard, but I can’t. It must suck for her to be in a conversation and know I’m not really engaging.

He also revealed that he struggles with communication and timeliness and would often not message his friends back and turn up to events late:

It wasn’t one bad day but more an accumulation of things. I misplace things. I’m quite bad at messaging my friends back. I turn up late to events.

He also added that he struggles with everyday tasks such as paying bills and booking vacations:

I’m a fully grown adult, but I struggle with paying the bills.
It’s terrifying. I get really panicky. It feels like the world is ending. I spiral out of control


Even booking a flight can be hard because the second another tab pops up, I get overwhelmed. The wheels fall off, and Zara will have to step in to do it. I’m aware that I find things hard that other people find easy.

How does Sam Thompsom cope with his ADHD?

As per Metro, Sam Thompson opted to not take medication for his ADHD as he didn’t like the way the medication made him feel. Sam is finding ways to cope and grow with his new understanding of himself and goes to therapy and uses time sheets and fidget toys.

He also revealed that his girlfriend, Zara McDermott is an immense help in his day-to-day life. In the documentary, Sam explained the ways she helps him with certain tasks:

I’m so grateful to Zara for being on the documentary, putting herself out there, being present and honest. The diagnosis has 100% strengthened us.

Zara also shared the ways she helps Sam with his ADHD in the documentary:

I started picking up on things that you struggle with, like forgetfulness and losing things a lot.
You never finish anything. You're jumping from thing to thing, and then you're overwhelmed.

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