I'm A Celeb: Sam and Tony's friendship idealised as 'Shrek and Donkey'

I'm A Celeb Sam Thompson and Tony Bellew's friendship in the jungle is loved by fans online as they idealise the two as perfect friendship in the jungle.

Sam Thompson and Tony Bellew
© Joseph Bishop/Twitter
Sam Thompson and Tony Bellew

I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! campmates are halfway through the second week of the jungle madness. The journey started with reports of venomous creatures and major storm affecting the jungle and now the weather and trials have made things worse for the campmates.

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Amidst this Grace Dent and Jamie Lynn Spears have quit the show and won't be returning or be replaced on the show.

I'm A Celeb fans rejoice in Sam Thompson and Tony Bellew's friendship

I'm A Celeb jungle has often been known for it's vile and disgusting trials but rarely has an episode ever highlighted just the friendship and connection between two people. Sam Thompson - who is also a fan favourite to win this year - and his friendship with Tony Bellew is being loved by viewers online.

Sam is the most enthusiastic campmate who loves and adores everyone in the jungle. His energy is often compared to that of a labrador as he's always full of joy and sunshine. He has a strong connection with Marvin Humes and a little 'boy crush' on boxer Tony Bellew. Ever since Tony entered the jungle, Sam has been trying to befriend him. Tony, on the other hand, appear to be 'done' with Sam and his energy.

In tonight's episode (November 30), Sam and Tony did a task together to get campmates treats. Seeing how the two reacted during the task left fans at home laughing their hearts out. Many took to X and shared their opinions on the friendship:

Calling this now! Within the next 6 months there will be a show with these two! [ Sam and Tony] Real life Shrek and Donkey right here!! I would call it Sam and Tony's whirlwind adventure!
Sam slapping Tony on the face to kill the mosquito and leaving the blood stain behind was iconic. Tony was like “give me patience” 😂 I love Sam
Sam’s like an overexcited child, and Tony’s like the dad who only sees the child cause he cba paying the maintenance to the mum, so he looks after it for a wee while a week 🤣
Sam is adorable, but you can see Tony is about to send him flying if he doesn’t calm down 🤣

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