New Covid-19 variant is quickly spreading as two new symptoms emerge

A new variant of Covid-19 is quickly becoming the dominant strain and reportedly has two new symptoms that are very different to the typical symptoms.

New Covid-19 variant, two new symptoms
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New Covid-19 variant, two new symptoms

Covid-19 has now been a part of our daily lives since the end of 2019. Indeed, countries around the world have forced lockdowns to help stop the spread of the virus. Three years later, the world is slowly returning back to normal, but Covid-19 is still very much present.

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Since the first outbreak, the coronavirus has mutated countless times, sometimes becoming more severe and sometimes, more infectious. Another new strain of Covid-19 has been detected and is rapidly becoming the dominant strain in several countries. Not only is this new strain more infectious, but it also has two new symptoms.

What are the new Covid-19 symptoms?

As per Express, the latest Covid-19 strain is JN.1. It has all the typical symptoms of Covid-19, runny nose, a cough, headaches, weakness and muscle aches, but it has been reported that people are experiencing two new symptoms.

Those who have been infected by the JN.1 strain have reported having trouble sleeping and heightened anxiety.

According to health experts, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the JN.1 variant is causing some concern as it is quickly spreading and is becoming the dominant strain worldwide.

Here’s what we know about the JN.1 Covid-19 strain

As reported by Express, the JN.1 variant of Covid-19 is rapidly spreading across various countries. At the moment, it is most common in the UK, the US, Iceland, Portugal, and Spain and is quickly spreading in France, China and India.

According to the Winter Coronavirus Infection Study's most recent update, the JN.1 variant notably increased in England and Scotland, in the two weeks leading up to December 13.

Professor Thomas Russo, Chief of Infectious Diseases at the University at Buffalo in New York has urged people to get booster jabs against Covid-19. He told

The updated vaccine is closer to JN.1 than our old vaccine, the hope is that, even if we see more cases with JN.1, the updated vaccine will protect against severe disease.

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Two COVID symptoms to look out for with the new variants Two COVID symptoms to look out for with the new variants