Is hair loss, a new COVID-19 symptom?

Scientists around the world have identified new and very worrying symptoms of Covid-19. These include hiccups, hair loss, and sudden loss of hearing...

Could hair loss be a new COVID-19 symptom?
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Could hair loss be a new COVID-19 symptom?

The coronavirus continues to cause deaths, at home but also abroad. As the weeks go by, new symptoms are alarming scientists. In addition to those which have already been identified,new ones have appeared.

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Among them are some which are rather unusual... According to recent research conducted by the International League of Dermatological Societies and the American Academy of Dermatology, some of the patients infected with Covid-19 have had new symptoms.

Hiccups, a new symptom caused by Covid-19

Among them are hiccups; some people who have contracted Covid-19 reportedly suffer from permanent hiccups. The American Journal of Emergency Medicine reports that a 60-year-old man came to the hospital because he was suffering from persistent hiccups.

The person was found to be positive for Covid-19. American researchers then added hiccups to the list of new symptoms of this virus that continues to cause deaths worldwide.

A person went deaf as a result of Covid-19

Another symptom of Covid-19 is deafness. Some people who have contracted the virus suffer from hearing problems after their infection, as reported by British researchers. BMJ Case Reports has identified four cases of people with hearing problems. These people are now undergoing treatment to correct this sudden loss of hearing.

Finally, hair loss is also a symptom to be monitored very closely. American actress Alyssa Milano, who caught Covid-19 in April, announced that she lost her hair in the first few weeks of the illness. A recent American study found that 27% of people who get Covid-19 lose their hair.

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