Skin Irritations: The New Symptom of COVID-19 to Monitor Closely

Looks like you we should be paying extra attention to our skin: it seems like there are new symptoms of the coronavirus. According to dermatologists, Innocent redness and itching could be a warning sign of something greater...

It's official - a new symptom of COVID-19 has been confirmed after being closely observed by researchers. According to the European National Union of Dermatologist-Venologists in France, skin lesions could have a direct link with the dreaded coronavirus.

To date, approximately 400 medical professionals have reportedly made a direct link between skin problems and COVID-19.

One question arises: what kind of skin irritations should we look out for?

The manifestations vary greatly in appearance and complexity: they can sometimes resemble frostbite of the extremities, but also the appearance of patches or irritating redness. Hives are likely to be related to COVID-19 and should be closely monitored. In short, any kind of seemingly spontaneous skin irritation could prove to be a marker of the coronavirus.

As is the case in any situation like this, it's imperative to consult a specialist when these types of skin redness and inflammation persist. Only a medical professional can make the distinction between a garden variety rash and one indicative of the coronavirus.

According to a press release from the National Union of Dermatologist-Venologists:

It is important for patients with these types of skin problems to consult a dermatologist (via teleconsultation or other) to ensure that they are associated with a COVID-19 related syndrome.

As always, we'll keep you updated as the situation evolves.

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