Linda Nolan: The actress who has been battling cancer has just given a health update

Linda Nolan's current health diagnosis offers a silver lining, when things are looking bleak. Here's what it is.

Linda Nolan battling cancer health update
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Linda Nolan battling cancer health update

Irish singer, actor, and popular telly personality Linda Nolan from the group ‘The Nolans’ has made headlines yet again. This time, it isn’t for her accolades and accomplishments in the field of entertainment. But instead, it is about her long-term tryst with cancer.

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64-year-old Linda has never shied away from being vocal about her health struggles. And she is facing yet another challenge right now. Despite it all, Linda has taken the time out to give her fans a health update about how she is doing right now. Here’s what she said.

Linda’s past health struggles

After first being diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2006, Linda has been continuously working towards making her life cancer-free. But sadly, in vain. And just like other cancer fighters like Amy Dowden who keeps her fans informed, Linda Nolan frequently gets her fans up-to-speed about how things are looking up for her, health-wise. As of March 2023, Linda had announced that the deadly disease had spread to her brain.

It has been a trying couple of years for the Nolan family, despite Coleen Nolan welcoming a new baby into the family. And it has a lot to do with the extended family's health hurdles.

The latest health update

Despite new additions to the Loose Women family, Linda has taken a step back from mainstream media as much as she can. In conversation with Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard, Linda revealed that her tumours haven’t spread, instead, they have shrunk, this time around.

The following is what she said while talking about her most recent diagnosis.

My brother came with me this time and we were both sitting there for 20 minutes and we were talking about nothing because we were so nervous about getting the news.
And when he went in, I knew straight away that it was good news by the look on my consultant's face. He said the scans were good and that there was shrinkage around the tumours. I wanted to put my arms around him and kiss him but I thought they might throw me out!

The ongoing treatment

Linda has been undergoing what is known as immunotherapy. And safe to say, the results have been positive so far for the singer and her loved ones. Linda, who seemed visibly grateful, shared that she was happy to be alive. She said the following about her experience with the deadly disease as per The Express.

I just try to wake up and say, yes! Another day to make memories!
There are sad days obviously, but most days I try [to stay positive], and if I feel like I'm going down that road I go, no, where's the gin!
Some women have written to me, I got my head shaved because I know how distraught it you were when you got it shaved.

The family history

The Loose Women star’s family has a grim history with cancer, given that the disease has shown its ugly face to several members of the Nolan clan. In fact, Bernie Nolan, Linda’s sister, lost her life to cancer back in 2013, at 52 years of age. As per ITV, Linda’s sister Anne has also been diagnosed with cancer twice. Anne is now enjoying a cancer-free life, after seeking treatment about three years ago.

Linda even addressed her family’s history with the illness, when she said the following.

We don't, we've had the test in Manchester.
It will be a rogue gene somewhere, because it's not just bad luck that three sisters got breast cancer.

Linda, who didn’t think she would live to see Christmas this year, has given up her career in show biz, particularly performing on stage, in order to cope with cancer.

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