Amy Dowden receives bad news about her cancer, 'I was a bit gutted'

The Strictly pro was forced to pull out of this year's show after diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, but her journey since that pivotal moment has been inspirational.

Amy Dowden cancer bad news
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Amy Dowden cancer bad news

Amy Dowden, a 33-year-old professional dancer who has captured the hearts of Strictly Come Dancing fans since joining the cast in 2017, recently surprised audiences with a heartwarming appearance on the October 7th episode of the show.

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Forced to withdraw from the competition earlier this year due to a stage three breast cancer diagnosis, Amy's unexpected return marked a significant moment in her ongoing battle against the disease. Last month, Amy was reduced to tears when announcing that she had to cut her hair as part of the battle against the disease.

Amy Dowden cancer bad news Mike Marsland

Amy Dowden's cameo role on Strictly

Despite her earlier announcement that she wouldn't be participating in the current series, Amy graced the Strictly stage in a sparkly gown, reading out the terms and conditions for public voting. Host Claudia Winkleman expressed the collective excitement, stating, 'We’re so excited that she’s well enough to be here,' as Amy emerged from behind a curtain, greeted by cheers and applause from the emotional Strictly 2023 cast.

Sharing updates on her treatment, Amy joyfully revealed, 'I’m over halfway through treatment and chemo. I can’t wait to be back with you all.'

On social media, viewers showered Amy with praise, with one fan declaring, 'The winner of this year’s Strictly is Amy Dowden. Brave, inspirational and a beacon of loveliness. You’ve got this Amy.'

Another fan marvelled at the beautiful moment, emphasizing the strength that Amy exuded in the face of adversity.

Amy has been candidly documenting her cancer journey on social media, including the recent emotional step of shaving her head. In a heartfelt Instagram post on September 21st, Amy shared a montage of the process, expressing the difficulty of losing her hair: 'I know it’s only hair, but these past few months I’ve had what feels like so much taken away from me that has made me not feel like Amy.'

In a recent appearance on Stand Up to Cancer, Amy provided a health update, sharing that she's almost completed chemotherapy and expressing hope for a positive outcome after surgery. She acknowledged the challenges she faced, including sepsis, blood clots, and the induction of menopause.

Amy Dowden cancer bad news Mike Marsland

Amy took the opportunity to raise awareness about breast cancer, emphasizing the importance of self-checks. She noted:

You don't get mammograms in the UK until you're in your fifties. Now, if I wasn't checking myself, I would never have found [the lump].

Acknowledging the incredible support from the medical team at The Sheldon Unit, Amy expressed gratitude for the NHS, emphasizing their unwavering dedication to patient care.

While Amy is sitting out of this year's Strictly series, she recently returned to the ballroom to support her castmates and eagerly anticipates getting back on the dance floor in the near future.

Amy's cancer journey

However, her journey hasn't been without setbacks. Two weeks ago, Amy shared a 'frustrating' update on her chemotherapy progress, revealing that low platelet counts might delay her treatment.

In a more recent Instagram video posted on November 7, she revealed that she would soon be receiving her last chemo. She said, as quoted by Entertainment Daily:

I can’t believe it – I’m going to be ringing that chemo bell and then four weeks after the last chemo, I have my MRI scan and then I find out if I need more surgery – or if I’m done.

However, that wouldn't be the end of the hospital visits.

I’m kind of not done, because for five years – I was a bit gutted when I found this out – I have to go back to the chemo ward. I love all the nurses there, the whole team are incredible – but I have to go back and have an injection once a month. It’s either that, or have my ovaries removed, which I obviously don’t want.

Despite the challenges, Amy continues to be a source of inspiration and resilience, receiving overwhelming support from fans and fellow Strictly cast members. As one fan aptly put it:

One big smile is enough to give a great big f*** you to cancer! Lovely to see Amy tonight.

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