Amy Dowden’s latest health updates shows ‘no evidence’ of cancer: ‘Biggest accomplishment’

Strictly Come Dancing’s Amy Dowden has been battling breast cancer since May 2023. The dancing pro has recently given an update on her Instagram.

Amy Dowden health update
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Amy Dowden health update

Amy Dowden has been a part of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing team since 2017. Since joining, she has been a hit with fans. Sadly, Amy was not able to take part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2023 as she was still fighting breast cancer.

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On Friday, February 23, Amy Dowden took to her 657k Instagram followers to share an update on her cancer journey, which started in May 2023, when she revealed she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Let’s have a look at Amy’s journey with cancer and that all-important update she has given, which is life-changing.

Amy Dowden gives a cancer update

Amy Dowden posted a photo on her Instagram on Friday, February 23 of her smiling with the update that there was ‘no evidence’ of cancer. She went on to add that this is her ‘biggest accomplishment yet’.

NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE! Words I dreamed of! My biggest accomplishment yet!

She then explained that she hasn’t been given the ‘all clear’ yet, which will happen in five years, especially as she had a ‘hormone-fed cancer’. However, it is a step in the right direction. She adds that for the next five years, she will need monthly injections and regular checkups.

Amy goes on to thank her husband, family and friends for the support they provided her during her journey and that she was ‘grateful’ for the care she was given.

Finally, the Strictly dancer talked about the toll chemotherapy had on her body, ‘both physically and mentally’ and that she will be taking the next few months to fully heal and recover.

Chemo and this past year has certainly took its toll on my body both physically and mentally, so I’ll be taking the next few months to heal and recover.

Amy Dowden's cancer journey

As reported by Sky News, Amy Dowden was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in May 2023 and underwent a mastectomy in June 2023. Just two months after her original diagnosis, Dowden revealed that they had found ‘another type of cancer’. Amy started chemotherapy in August 2023.

The Welsh-born dancer describes herself as a ‘breast cancer warrior’ and now wants to do everything she can to raise awareness for breast cancer and urge people to check themselves regularly.

Despite not being able to take part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2023, Amy revealed that the team had ‘gone above and beyond’ to include her in the show. In an interview with Women’s Health, she explained that watching the show had been ‘a great help’.

She added that many of her co-stars, including Dianne Buswell, Carlos Gu, and Katya Jones, would ‘check in’ on her every day. She then explained that not being a part of the show would have greatly affected her mental health:

To have no part in it would have been soul-destroying. And not good for me mentally, whatsoever. I don’t know what I would have done, I’ll be honest with you.

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Amy Dowden shares her recovery since having a mastectomy during breast cancer treatment Amy Dowden shares her recovery since having a mastectomy during breast cancer treatment