Sarah Ferguson’s friend gives update on her cancer: ‘The prognosis is good’

A month after receiving a second cancer diagnosis in six months, Sarah Ferguson’s prognosis is reportedly looking good according to a friend.

Sarah Ferguson update cancer
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Sarah Ferguson update cancer

Sarah Ferguson has not had much luck recently when it comes to her health. Indeed, last year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She received treatment and underwent a reconstruction surgery.

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Sadly, just six months after her breast cancer diagnosis, in January 2024, she was told she had malignant melanoma. Sarah Fergurson, who recently attended King Constantine’s memorial service alongside her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, has reportedly been given a positive update on her skin cancer.

As per The Independent, the Duchess of York’s friend has given an encouraging update on her health after going through so much in just six months.

Sarah Fergurson’s skin cancer hasn’t spread

As reported by the Daily Mail, Sarah Ferguson was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. The doctors found the form of skin cancer during a second bout of reconstructive surgery for her breast cancer.

Fergie shared her diagnosis with the public in January and revealed that ‘naturally’ she was shocked to be diagnosed with cancer a second time but that she was still ‘in good spirits’ and was ‘grateful’ for all the messages of love and support she received.

As per the media, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife underwent another surgery to examine the area around the mole and discovered it was malignant. A friend of Fergie’s told Daily Mail:

She's undergone further surgery following the melanoma diagnosis to examine the area around the mole that was found to be malignant and her lymph nodes.

The friend added that Sarah was ‘free of cancer’ and that it had not spread, meaning her ‘prognosis is good’.

The good news is that these have all been found to be free of cancer so it looks like there has been no spread of the disease and the prognosis is good.

Sarah Ferguson will have regular check-ups

As reported by LBC, even though Sarah Ferguson’s latest health update is positive, her doctors are reluctant to use the term ‘cancer-free’. Indeed, Fergie will now need regular check-ups to make sure the cancer doesn’t come back. Fergie will have check-ups every 12 weeks.

Fergie’s friend explained that she was lucky as her dermatologist had asked that her doctors check several of her moles while undergoing reconstructive surgery. Despite the original diagnosis, Sarah Ferguson was reportedly ‘heartened’ to see that the search for melanoma had risen on the NHS website.

The Duchess of York’s friend revealed that Fergie wanted to make her diagnosis public to raise awareness and encourage people to not wait to have their moles checked.

You can expect to see her banging the drum for the public health message and urging people not to miss mammograms or delay getting moles checked.


Her intention will be to get the message out about the importance of being vigilant about checking the size, shape, colour and texture of moles. If melanoma is caught early, it can be treated very effectively.

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Sarah Ferguson had breast cancer surgery, here’s how she’s doing now Sarah Ferguson had breast cancer surgery, here’s how she’s doing now