The UK’s travel rules are changing today: Here’s what you need to know

Today the UK’s travel rules will see a huge shakeup, as the amber list is scrapped in favour of a simple go/no go list.

From today the UK will see a massive shakeup in travel rules as both the amber list and expensive PCR tests are set to be dumped. However, travellers aren’t quite free to roam as usual as some rules will remain in place.

Here’s everything you need to know…

Say goodbye to the amber list

From today the amber list will be merged with the green list as the UK moves to a simplified two-tier go/no go travel list structure.

Out of the 62 countries on the red list, eight are set to be moved to the green list, with more countries making the transition over the coming weeks. Already, Turkey, Egypt, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Oman, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Kenya have been cleared for travel, with flights being snatched up left and right for some of the more popular holiday destinations.

New testing rules for vaccinated travellers

Brits won’t only have the ability to travel to more countries today, but those who are fully vaccinated will also be granted more freedoms.

From Monday the 4th of October, double vaccinated Brits will no longer need to provide a negative COVID PCR test upon reentry from a green list country. Instead, fully inoculated travellers will only need to take a PCR test on day two of their return.

The day two PCR test for jabbed Brits will also be scrapped later on this month in favour of cheaper lateral flow tests.

However, normal rules will still apply for those not fully jabbed, and anyone returning from a red list country will still need to undergo managed hotel quarantine, costing upwards of 2,285 pounds.

Red list to be slashed to just nine countries

The Telegraph also reported that Brits have one more thing to look forward to as soon, the government will also be slowly stripping back the red list from 54 countries to just nine.

The news outlet revealed that Boris Johnson would be making the announcement on Thursday, opening more countries up to quarantine-free travel, with South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and Cape Verde all likely to be given the green light.

The move is expected to cause a surge in bookings as expensive hotel quarantine has prevented many from travelling overseas for holidays and family visits, and will undoubtedly deliver much-needed business to the parched travel sector.

A Whitehall source told the news outlet: ‘We are expecting sharp reductions in the red list. It could be as few as nine countries left on the list.’

COVID: Travel restrictions have finally been lifted in the UK, here's what you need to know COVID: Travel restrictions have finally been lifted in the UK, here's what you need to know