The UK’s red list has been cut down to just seven countries

The world has almost fully reopened for Brits, with the country’s travel red list being slashed down to just seven countries.

On Monday, the UK’s travel rules witnessed a massive change, with thetravel lists being narrowed down to just green and red list countries and PCR tests on arrival were scrapped for fully vaccinated Brits.

But it seems that the UK has even more in store for those itching to travel and has slashed the current red list from 54 countries down to just seven. From 4am on Monday the 11th, only Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela will remain under red list rules, with those arriving from these countries needing to undergo hotel quarantine.

International travel is set to return to almost pre-pandemic levels

Alongside the changes that came into play this week, international travel will soon return to almost pre-pandemic levels, with those wanting to visit family or go on holiday no longer needing to fork out thousands of pounds for an 11-night hotel stay upon their return. Depending on vaccine status, some Brits may be able to forego isolation altogether.

Those from 37 other countries will also have their vaccine certificates recognised in the UK, meaning they may also avoid expensive tests and isolation measures.

Secretary for Transport Grant Shapps explained that the changes will make it ‘easier for families and loved ones to reunite.’ He added that with fewer restrictions and more people wanting to travel, ‘we can all continue to move safely forward together along our pathway to recovery.’

However, it must be noted that all travel changes that have come and will come into force this month all apply to those arriving in the UK, and other countries may still have restrictive measures in place.

Will PCR tests be scrapped for vaccinated travellers?

In addition to the reduced red list, the government also announced that PCR test requirements would be scrapped altogether for fully jabbed travellers and replaced with cheaper lateral flow tests.

Fully inoculated travellers coming from non-red list countries only need to take a COVID test on day two of their arrival, but the proposed new change will further reduce this requirement by allowing photos of negative lateral flow tests the minimum requirement.

Currently, those who are not vaccinated will need to supply a negative PCR test upon their arrival to the UK and another two and eight days after arrival. Non-jabbed travellers must also self-isolate for ten days with the option of test-and-release on day five, a restriction not affecting vaccinated persons.

The government promised that the new changes would come into force by the half-term holidays, after the 22nd of October. However, an official date has yet to be announced.

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