Travel chaos continues, Heathrow airport boss blames women’s makeup and people faking disabilities

As travel chaos continues at airports, Heathrow's boss blames women’s makeup and people faking disabilities.

You are probably aware of all the chaos at various airports. Many people have missed their flights or had them cancelled. It seems Heathrow airport has found the ‘culprit’ although their arguments seem a little odd.

Women packing too much makeup

Heathrow airport seems to be the airport struggling the most in the UK after viral videos of the baggage crisis circled the internet. Heathrow Chief Executive John Holland-Kaye was a guest on Leading Britain’s Conversation (LBC) and explained why he believes the delays are happening.

As reported by Euro News, Holland-Kaye explained that the airport security is at the same ratio as before the pandemic. The issue is that passengers are ‘travelling with more than they usually would.’

It seems that people are packing more bags and adding more liquids meaning it takes longer to check them. One of the biggest issues seems to be makeup.


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Holland-Kaye told LBC:

A lot of people are put off from checking in all of their make-up for example because they are worried about whether their bag will make the journey with them.
People tend not to think of makeup as being prohibited from travel, so there's a lot of education that we need to do with people.

People are ‘faking disabilities’

The chaos doesn’t only apply to baggage, but also to the customers, and more specifically disabled passengers according to the Civil Aviation Authority.

The CAA warned in June as reported by Euro News

It is self-evident that those with less mobility will find it more difficult to access support at airports when things go wrong.

Indeed in June, a man fell to his death at Gatwick after trying to disembark a plane on his own after being left waiting for help.

When asked about Heathrow’s track record of not assisting disabled passengers, Holland-Kaye blamed ‘social media hacks’.

He was asked about the time when 20 wheelchair passengers were supposedly left alone in a non-air-conditioned part of the terminal, Holland-Kaye said that people have been ‘faking disabilities’ to skip long queues.

Some of this is because people are using the wheelchair support to try to get fast-tracked through the airport, that is absolutely the wrong thing to be doing, we need to protect that for the people who most need help,


If you go on TikTok you will see that is one of the travel hacks that people are recommending.

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