Brits could soon expect travel chaos as new system introduced if travelling to in the EU

Since the UK left the EU, Brits have had to deal with longer queues when travelling to Europe. These could become longer with the new system.

Brits to expect travel chaos with new system in the EU
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Brits to expect travel chaos with new system in the EU

The UK voted to leave the European Union(EU) in 2016. It has taken several years to actually fully leave the EU but the Government has slowly been making deals.

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However, now that the UK has left the EU, travelling to popular European destinations such as France, Spain and Italyhas become much harder. Indeed, British travellers now have to face longer queues since the UK is now considered a ‘third country’ from the EU and British passengers need to have their passports stamped.

The EU will soon be introducing a new system for British travellers but it will likely cause even longer queues.

British travellers will need to give fingerprints

As reported by Express, British passengers travelling to the EU will now have to provide fingerprints and face scans before being allowed into the country they are visiting.

The EU will be introducing the new Entry/Exit System (EES), which will replace the current passport stamping system. The new fingerprint and face scan system will record the date and place of entry and exit of passengers.

The new EES will check each passenger's name and biometric data when they enter an EU country, as per Daily Mail.

When will the system be implemented?

The EES was supposed to be introduced earlier this year but has been delayed several times. The EU has announced that the fingerprint and face scan system will be introduced in the autumn of 2024.

The EES will reportedly be implemented on October 6, 2024, as per Express. Countries like France have already started preparing for the new system. Indeed, France has reportedly ordered 540 data kiosks and 250 tablets to process those travelling by ferry from the UK.

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