Urgent warning issued to all those travelling to Spain as ‘parasite’ causes major illness

If you are planning to travel to Spain, you should be careful as a parasite is going around that has some major symptoms. Here’s everything you need to know.

Urgent warning for Spain as parasite causes major illness
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Urgent warning for Spain as parasite causes major illness

As autumn finally settles in the UK, and snow has been predicted, it isn’t uncommon for people to travel to sunny countries to get extra sun rays. One popular destination among Brits is the Mediterranean country of Spain.

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However, if you are planning on catching a tan in Spain, you should be aware that there is a 'crypto parasite’ going around the country, leaving people with some serious symptoms. The UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued a warning for all those travelling to Spain, as well as those returning from their holiday.

So what is this ‘crypto parasite’, what are the symptoms and how do you catch it? Well, we have all the answers for you here!

What is a ‘crypto parasite’?

As reported by Mirror, there is a spike in the number of cases of cryptosporidiosis, more commonly known as ‘crypto’. Cryptosporidiosis is caused by a parasite and symptoms can include ‘watery diarrhoea’ which can lead to dehydration, other symptoms are stomach cramps, nausea, fever and weight loss, it can also cause vomiting.

For healthy people, crypto typically clears up after a week or two, but for those with compromised immune systems, the parasite can cause a lot of problems and can take a lot longer to clear up.

Those who have contracted the parasite have been asked by resorts to not go swimming in shared pools for at least two weeks after the symptoms have cleared. Indeed the crypto parasite is resistant to chlorine.

How do you catch cryptosporidiosis?

Cryptosporidiosis is passed through tap water, handling food, mainly raw meat, and from live animals. Holidaymakers in Spain have been advised to regularly wash their hands, avoid drinking tap water and not request ice in their drinks in case the water is contaminated with the parasite.

The HSE has also advised holidaymakers to be cautious in restaurants and to avoid undercooked shellfish and ‘dodgy’ street vendors, as per MyLondon.

According to official HSE guidelines, beer, wine, hot drinks and bottled mineral water are ‘generally safe’ for consumption.

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Major travel warning issued to anyone travelling to Spain until the end of the year Major travel warning issued to anyone travelling to Spain until the end of the year