Travel warning issued to passengers as these popular airlines announce major delays

Due to the strike of UK border control workers, two low-cost airlines have issued statements to warn customers about long waiting periods and to get prepared.

Low-cost airlines in the UK issue statement to warn customers about delays and disruption
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Low-cost airlines in the UK issue statement to warn customers about delays and disruption

EasyJetand Jet2 the popular low-cost airlines have issued statements in the UK to inform customers about delays and disruptions that will likely affect them today and tomorrow due to the strike of border control workers.

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National strike

The Public and Commercial Services union in the UK which has more than 100,000 members has gone on strike today and it will continue until tomorrow early in the morning, Mirror reports.

The union includes also border control workers who work in the immigration halls across UK airports and ports.

The strikes are about long-running disputes concerning salaries, jobs, and conditions and besides today and tomorrow, strikes have been planned to take place also on February 13 to 17.

As a result of the strikes, travelers entering or exiting the UK might face long queues at airports.

The UK Government has issued a statement about the strikes:

‘The proposed strike action will impact international arrivals at all UK air and maritime ports as well as those travelling to the UK from UK border controls in Calais, Dunkirk and Coquelles in Northern France.’

Taking little longer

Jet2 and Easyjet have issued statements to prepare their customers for possible disruptions at immigration halls across UK airports.

According to a Jet2 spokesmandespite the strikes and possible longer waiting time, all flights are confirmed to go ahead.

‘We just wanted to remind you that there are planned Border Force strikes taking place from Wednesday 1st February until Thursday 2nd February 2023 at 07:00 . All our flights are planned to operate as normal.’

In a statement, EasyJet apologized to customers and proposed some solutions, Liverpool Echo reports.

‘Although this situation is outside of our control we would like to apologise to any affected passengers for the inconvenience caused.’

An EasyJet spokesperson has recommended that travelers use the eGates in airports to avoid long waiting times.

‘If you’re usually able to travel with either an ID or a passport, we’d recommend that you bring your passport as these can be used at any airport with eGates in place and will help to speed up your journey.’

eGates enable one to complete passport control through specially designed gate machines where one can scan their passports instead of showing it to an official of the border control.

Additionally, the airline warned customers to prepare for long queues, arrive at the airport with fully charged phones, and pack essential medication.

Nevertheless, Mirror reports that the impact appears to be minimal, the Heathrow airport in London recorded minor queues in its immigration halls this morning.

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