The Met Office issues 15-hour weather warning for much of the UK, transport delays expected

A yellow weather warning has been put in place for a large part of the UK.

Weather warning UK
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Weather warning UK

As we come into the middle of April, many Brits were feeling hopeful for an improvement weather-wise. However, we have had very changeable conditions over the last few weeks and today, Monday 15 April, there is a yellow weather warning in place for much of the UK. Those hoping to catch up on their vitamin D intake will sadly be disappointed as the warning includes rain and wind.

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The Met Office has updated their website detailing the affected areas. Here’s what you can expect, and when the weather is set to improve.

Yellow weather warning

The Met’s yellow weather warning has been in place since 6:25AM on April 15 and is set to stay until 10PM. The warning is for wind, but rain is expected as well as ‘a depression will move east just to the north of Scotland through Monday and will bring a swath of strong winds to Northern Ireland, Wales and much of England’. This is forecast to impact most of the UK, leaving only the north east and Scotland unaffected.

Strong gusts of between 40 and 45 mph are expected inland. These shoot up to as much as 55 mph on coastal areas, which will also be impacted by ‘heavier showers’. Forecasters have warned that ‘this is likely to lead to some disruption and longer journey times’ for rail, air and ferry travel.

When the bad weather will end

The bad weather is set to peter out this evening, with Tuesday bringing some sunny spells but still scattered showers, mostly in the north and west. The temperature will remain cool with blustery winds. Mid-week we can expect to see some clouds; it will remain mostly dry on Wednesday but Thursday is set to bring some rain to the south.

Into Saturday we are set for the winds to decrease, meaning temperatures will rise. However, though forecasters are expecting a drier weekend, there are still 65 flood alerts active and 8 flood warnings in place across the country. As is often the case during a British spring, you really have to leave the house prepared for 4 seasons in one day!

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