Cold weather: This is how your body is affected by low temperatures

Cold weather comes with many negative effects for your body, but it can also benefit your health.

Cold weather how your body is affected by low temperatures
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Cold weather how your body is affected by low temperatures

Not only can cold weather affect your mood, it can also result in physical issues such as teeth sensitivity. With authorities having already issued cold weather warning this week, it's clear, temperatures are set to be on the low end for a bit.

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But what's the extent of the effect that cold weather and low temperatures have on your body?

Here's what Signature MD has to report about the positive and negative effects of cold weather.

Health benefits of cold weather

One of the most prominent examples of the benefits of low temperatures for health is exemplified by cryotherapy. This medical practice uses extremely low temperatures for therapeutic medical treatment.

Many studies have shown that cryotherapy successfully addresses a number of physical symptoms such as pain and inflammation for many medical conditions such as rheumatism, muscle and joint pain, and fibromyalgia.

It has to be noted that, benefits of cryotherapy have not been completely accepted by the medical community.

Some studies suggest that cold temperature could have a therapeutic effect on the human body DNK.PHOTO

Apart from this, some studies have also found that exercising in cold weather can lead to more calories being burnt, and lead to more effective workouts. Other studies suggest that colder temperatures might even prolong longevity and aid good health.

But conclusive data on those lines are still lacking. It should also be noted that, these positive effects of cold temperature do not refer to continuously living in or being exposed to cold weather.

Negative effects of cold weather

Cold weather increases the likelihood of cold, flu and other infections. Virus such as the one for flu spreads quicker in cold weather.

Cold weather can also negatively impact your cardiovascular system by putting additional stress on it. Low temperatures can constrict blood vessels, causing shallow breathing and thickening of blood. All of these can cause chest pain in people with heart issues.

This is why having a warm and dry home, and wearing warm clothes during winter is very important.

The air that blows in cold weather is also bad for people with asthma. The cold, dry air could constrict air passages in the lungs, making it difficult for you to breathe. This air can also be very drying for the skin, leaving people with eczema, and other similar skin conditions, worse off.

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