Met Office issues yet another weather warning this weekend as strong winds batter the country

The weather in the UK has been pretty miserable. Numerous wet days and heavy snow days have caused chaos. The Met Office issued a warning for strong winds this weekend.

Met Office weather warning, strong wind
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Met Office weather warning, strong wind

The UK has been facing some dreadful weather conditions recently, from heavy rain causing floods to major snowfall causing roads to be blocked for hours. As we head deeper into the month of December, even more bad weather is expected across the UK.

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Indeed, the Met Office has issued another weather warning for this weekend as the country is expected to be hit by strong winds and heavy rain. Here’s everything you need to know, from which areas are affected and details on the weather to come.

Which areas have been issued a weather warning

According to Sky News, there is a yellow weather warning for rain in Devon and Dorset, and from Derbyshire up to Cumbria until 3 am on Sunday, December 10.

The south of Scotland and Northern Ireland, where the ground is already saturated, also have a rain warning for most of Saturday, December 9. The Met Office has warned that up to 80 mm of rain could fall in some areas.

Moreover, areas along the Irish Sea could experience winds up to 70 mph (113 kph) and areas such as the Midlands, northern England and Northern Ireland can expect winds up to 55 mph (89 kph).

Met Office spokesman Stephen Dixon said:

We're in for a wet and windy weekend.
From 6pm tonight a band of heavy wind and rain will move through Scotland. There's a possibility of flooding because of the already saturated ground.

He added:

We will also be seeing some quite strong winds in Wales, the Midlands, northern England and Northern Ireland, particularly coastal communities around the Irish Sea.

Parts of the UK should expect more snow this weekend

The Met Office also added that certain parts of the UK should expect more snow this weekend. Indeed, as reported by Sky News, Scotland is forecast to have 50 mm of snowfall, with up to 80 mm expected to fall at higher elevations from Friday evening.

Despite the predicted snow, other areas will see a rise in temperatures this weekend, with southern England, the Midlands and Wales experiencing 13C, while the North East will expect temperatures beetween 9C and 11C.

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Bad weather is not over yet as Met issues yet another weather warning Bad weather is not over yet as Met issues yet another weather warning