‘Hazardous’ weather warning as snow sweeps UK, here’s how long it should last

The long-awaited snow is finally falling in the UK, but it is not set to last for much longer.

Snow ice warning UK how long it will last
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Snow ice warning UK how long it will last

The UK has been facing sub-zero temperatures recently as Brits are turning up their heating and battling off winter illnesses. As news of a respiratory illness outbreak in China spreads, more and more people are concerned about the cold weather and its affect on their health.

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The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for snow and ice this week for areas in Northern Ireland as well northern and eastern Scotland and England. Here’s how long this cold blast is expected to last, and how to stay safe in these wintery conditions.

How long the 'hazardous conditions' are expected to last

Brits are being cautioned to prepare for ‘hazardous conditions’ as snow and ice is set to hit the UK. This increases the risk of slips and falls, and wintry precipitation can make driving much more of a challenge.

The Met Office’s update suggests the bad weather will diminish over the next 24 hours: the warning covers only northern and eastern Scotland come Thursday 29 November. For now, it will remain in place until 11AM tomorrow, and there are no further alerts in place for the rest of the week.

How to stay safe in wintery conditions

As this cold blasts through the UK, you should be prepared for your area to be cut off if it falls in a high-risk zone. Make sure you have a stock of blankets, candles and torches (don’t forget the batteries!). If you have elderly or vulnerable neighbours, be sure to check on them as the weather worsens

If you have to drive, you should check for delays or road closures before setting off, and let someone else know where you are going. The Met Office also recommends you ‘take a fully charged mobile phone with an in-car charger or battery pack’.

Driving in ‘hazardous’ conditions

If necessary, you can drive, but use dipped headlights and accelerate gently. Maintaining a constant speed up hills will help prevent you getting stuck, and if your vehicle skids remember to steer into it - don’t slam on the brakes or take your hands off the steering wheel.

Lastly, to avoid a fine of £2,500 fine, be sure to clear any dirt, ice and snow from all your windows - not just your windscreen. You should also ensure your lights and number plates are visible or you risk a £1,000 fine.

It’s important to bear these tips in mind as temperatures continue to dip below zero, but there is no reason to panic. If you prepare accordingly, snowy weather should not cause too much of a problem - and it will be over soon!

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