UK issued 16-hour storm warning as expert reveals why freak weather is happening

The UK is facing some crazy weather at the moment with major floods in certain areas. An expert has revealed why this freak weather is happening.

UK issued 16-hour storm warning
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UK issued 16-hour storm warning

If you’re living in the UK, you’ve likely noticed the drastic change in weather. Indeed as autumn began, the UK had one final heatwave before the colder temperatures settled in. However, the country is now facing extreme weather with several areas flooded due to storms.

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A meteorologist has offered an explanation for the current weather and has also revealed that there may not be an end to it anytime soon. This revelation comes as the UK has been issued a 16-hour storm warning as the bad weather continues.

UK hit by major storms

Over the last few days, several areas across the UK have flooded due to severe storms. Indeed, as reported by Express, the Met Office had issued two red ‘danger to life’ warnings, which is extremely rare. Moreover, Storm Babet, which ravaged parts of the country last week left 7 people dead and hundreds of people without homes.

The Met Office has issued a new 16-hour storm warning for this evening as most of the southern coast of England is set to be hit. Jim Dale, a senior meteorologist for British Weather Services, told Express:

A week from now, southern England and Wales, eastern Scotland (again) and parts of Northern Ireland will have shipped 3-4 inches (75-100mm), it's bound to lead to more flooding

Why is the UK facing this freak weather?

Jim Dale explains that the UK can expect more freak weather this winter and according to the meteorologist, it is due to the record-breaking heat over the summer and the rising sea temperature.

Bottom line, the energy that’s in the oceans from the record heat-breaking summer/early autumn is being gradually released in the form of energy into the atmosphere and weather systems, which in turn can hold more water.

He also added that this kind of weather is likely to last and will also affect other parts of Europe:

A very mixed bag of weather to come (cold at times too) with no immediate end in sight. A procession of low pressure areas, associated frontal systems and showers to follow.
The UK and other parts of Western Europe are in for a torrid time, in my opinion

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Storm Babet pummels UK as rare weather warning issued, here’s how long the bad weather will last Storm Babet pummels UK as rare weather warning issued, here’s how long the bad weather will last