Urgent weather warning as Storm Gerrit wreaks havoc in the UK, how long will it last?

The UK is facing yet another major storm this winter. Indeed, Storm Gerrit is causing chaos across the country, but how long will this storm last?

Storm Gerrit, how long will it last?
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Storm Gerrit, how long will it last?

The UK is no stranger to huge storms. In the last few months, the country has seen Storms Agnes, Babet, Ciaran and Debi, all wreaking havoc on different levels.

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Once again, the UK is facing yet another storm, Storm Gerrit, which has already started causing chaos as it passes through. As a result, several yellow weather warnings have been issued by the Met Office and some places are bringing out sandbags due to flooding from strong winds and heavy rain.

So, how long will Storm Gerrit wreak havoc in the UK and how bad will it be? Don’t worry, we have all the answers for you.

Several yellow warnings in place due to Storm Gerrit

As reported by BBC News, Northern Ireland has been issued a yellow warning for strong winds for Wednesday, December 27. Moreover, according to the Met Office, Northern Scotland has several yellow warnings for wind, rain and snow, while northwest England and Wales have been issued a yellow warning for wind.

The warnings in Scotland are in place until 9 pm Wednesday, December 27, while the warning for England and Wales is in place until 3 am, Thursday, December 28.

The Met Office posted on X, that the weather won’t be as harsh tomorrow, but there will still be a lot of rain across the country.

How bad is Storm Gerrit?

Storm Gerrit has been particularly bad for Northern Ireland. As per BBC News, there have been 145 reports of flooding around the Belfast area and 33 fallen tree or branch incidents, causing traffic problems. The Met Office has predicted that some areas may experience 60 mm of rainfall and powerful gusts.

As reported by Sky News, planes have struggled to land at Bristol Airport due to the strong winds brought by Storm Gerrit. Moreover, the M48 Severn Bridge was closed was closed during the day due to the gusts, causing major delays.

Those living in Scotland can expect more delays tomorrow if they are commuting via railway as the Network Rail Scotland announced it will need to check all the routes that are currently shut for damage caused by either flooding or fallen trees. They added that this will take several hours as it can only be done in daylight.

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