Urgent 3-day flood warning issued for UK - find out if your area is affected

The UK is set for yet more rainy weather, and in some places this will lead to serious flooding.

Urgent flood warning UK area affected
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Urgent flood warning UK area affected

The UK enjoyed an Indian summer this year with the hottest day of the year hitting in September. However, these sunny days seem a distant memory as the UK has been hit by the remnants of hurricanes and snow is on the horizon.

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Now, the Met Office has issued a 3-day warning for flooding in parts of the UK. The warning is set for later this week (week of 16 October) and will impact various areas of Scotland. Here’s everything you need to know.

Where and when will the flooding hit?

Rain is set to swoop across Britain this week, but certain areas have been issued with a yellow weather warning. The zones that have been earmarked include Angus, Dundee, Perth and Kinross, Stirling, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, and Moray.

The Met Office said:

While there is still significant uncertainty in the timing and duration of rain through the second half of the coming week, there is potential for disruptive, heavy and prolonged rainfall to affect central and eastern Scotland.

The heaviest rain is set to fall over Angus and southeast Grampian in particular, and the accompanying strong winds are likely to ‘exacerbate impacts’.

The weather warning starts at 6am on Thursday 19 October and runs until Saturday at midnight.

What you can expect

Those living in the affected areas can expect a small chance of extensive flooding to homes and businesses. Communities may even be cut off, perhaps for several days, and there’s a small chance of fast flowing or deep floodwater. With risks of power cuts, remember to have flashlights and candles ready, and check on your neighbours.

As for transport, there may be train and bus delays and cancellations. The roads could be dangerous to drive on due to spray and flooding - if you can avoid driving, you should, and it is best to park on high ground.

Steven Keates, a deputy chief meteorologist, said:

A number of areas have the potential to see a lot of rain as well as strong winds at times. Of particular concern at the moment is eastern and central Scotland where some exceptional rainfall totals could build up, falling on ground already saturated after recent heavy rainfall. This could lead to some significant and widespread disruption.

Keep an eye on the forecast for your area to stay updated about any changes or advice issued.

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