This is the best way to remove snow from your car when you're in a rush, according to experts

Driving is not always practical in the current weather conditions. If it snows too much, the car can get stuck in the masses of snow; then good advice is expensive.

car snow driving tip trick
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car snow driving tip trick

Snow and ice have caused a lot of chaos on British roads in recent days. Drivers may not only be afraid of accidents due to the weather conditions (and striking winter services), but also of not being able to move forward due to the masses of snow. We'll tell you what to do if your car gets stuck.

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Don't act hastily

The NDR recommends that drivers set off well equipped. In this specific case, this means that you should have a tow rope in the trunk, for example, as well as a shovel and some sand or an old doormat.

The HNA also recommends not reacting hastily. Keep a cool head and, above all, be careful not to push the wheels even deeper into the snow by pressing on the gas pedal.

This allows the tires to regain contact with the ground

First you should find out which wheels are causing problems (in this case spinning). Use the shovel to remove the snow from around the affected tires. Then you can use the sand or the old doormat and place it in front of the affected tire(s) to give them traction again. However, the HNA points out that you should exercise caution here:

The objects may be thrown out from behind the car.

Sometimes it can also help to drive the car forwards and backwards, at least in small steps (if this is possible). According to NDR:

When a small hollow has formed, you can stop the car at the foremost point, apply the handbrake and scatter sand behind the tires in the icy lane.

Then put the car back into forward gear and possibly get it moving again.

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