Airlines to limit passengers, what does this mean for summer travellers?

It was recently announced that that Heathrow airport in London has asked airlines to stop selling summer tickets. What does this mean for the travellers?

With summer holidays finally here, travel enthusiasts, families and friend groups are usually set to travel around the world for vacations. However, Heathrow airport dumped any possibilities of travelling down the drain. So what does this mean for the travellers?

Massive flight cancellations

This is a classic example of high demand and low supply. Airlines have been struggling to keep up with the travelling crowd for quite a while now. Due to a lack of staff because of Covid-19 and several other reasons, airlines have been forced to cancel heaps of flights all at once. This not only upset the customers but also ruined their travel and summer plans.

This surge in travellers is a direct result of lifting the restrictions of Covid-19 rules. Although the flights were still working all over the world, ordinary civilians were not allowed to travel casually due to the pandemic.

Airports limiting passengers

CNN Business recently reported that Heathrow airport has cancelled many flights and limited the number of passengers to just 100,000 per day.

Airlines have been trying to reduce the crowd of passengers at Heathrow, however, the reports show that the seats for future flights are already completely booked.

The CEO has now urged the airlines to 'stop selling summer tickets.'

Heathrow airport CEO, John Holland-Kaye, put out a statement saying:

So we are asking our airline partners to stop selling summer tickets to limit the impact on passengers

What happens to the travellers?

Unfortunately, it seems like some travellers will either have to reschedule their flights from another airport or cancel them altogether. John Holland-Kaye expressed regret and apologised for the inconvenience caused due to this:

We recognise that this will mean some summer journeys will either be moved to another day, another airport or be cancelled and we apologise to those whose travel plans are affected.

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